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A Nestle Crunch and Thin Mints Candy Bar?! Please, Yes, OMG, Ahhh!

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So here I was moments ago perusing one of my favorite niches on one of my favorite blogs – the Food section of Huff Post – and my brain was attacked with absolute amazingness that I never saw coming. You know that feeling you get when you find $20 in your coat pocket from last year? Multiply that by about a million and put a pile of puppies on top!

Let it be known that I am typing this while surrounded by Girl Scout cookies. Let it also be known that I am not one of those people who consider them a guilty pleasure – I enjoy them completely guilt-free until the last delicious buttery crumb of a Trefoil crosses my lips. I take my Tagalongs as tag-alongs to work, I smile at Savannah Smiles. And just like millions (billions? bajillions?) of others, I LOSE MY MIND over Thin Mints. I’ve found recipes online to make them myself, but I want no part of that! Whatever those Girl Scout bakers are doing, it’s nothing short of magical, and I’m not about to go thinking I have any business trying to replicate it. All I know is there’s a wafer involved, there’s positively perfect peppermint, and there’s a melty, marvelous chocolaty coating that I’m pretty sure was conjured up in a dream.

But this post is not simply an ode to Girl Scout cookies, or their star player, Thin Mints. Though, if I wanted to, I could surely devote the entire blog to Girl Scout cookies and never run out of things to say. But…I digress. This is not that, but it is something related. This – this thing I just saw on Huff Post – this Inception-like dream inside a dream – is a product slated to potentially hit stores this June. This is the Nestle Crunch Thin Mints candy bar post!

According to, the “Thin Mint-Nestle Crunch hybrid” first appeared on Reddit, where it was picked up by the ladies at Jezebel who know a good thing when they see it. But…was it real? If so, why wasn’t there anything else on the Internet about it? Oh, dear readers, I admit I’m glad I didn’t see it until today or I might have cried a river of minty tears with so many unanswered questions! Yes, I saw it on HuffPost, who was provided with the photo above by none other than THE GIRL SCOUTS THEMSELVES. Does it get more magical than that? If the Girl Scouts ever email me, I already have my response planned. It involves fainting.

Puffing Away on Perfect Prices for Candy Cigarettes!

Thank goodness candy cigarettes aren’t as dangerous as the real thing, because if I’m not paying attention to my intake, I could easily have a four-pack-a-day habit on my hands! Those solid little sticks of sweet delight may no longer bear the pinkish-red tip, but they taste as good as ever. What is that flavor, exactly? It reminds me of a fusion between Dainty Mints and that heavenly white stick that comes tucked alongside Fun Dip. What is that little white stick, exactly? So many questions, so little time! I guess all that matters is candy cigarettes are delicious, the Fun Dip stick is delicious, and they’re both available to light up our lives and tickle our taste buds!

But just like the prices on real cigarettes, the prices on candy cigarettes have climbed over the years. Thankfully, they aren’t nearly as costly, but just as is good to do with most things, keeping an eye out for the best price can make it easier to down a pack or five without feeling the pinch. I lit up my little search fingers and sent them sailing across the internetz in search of the best prices on candy butts. But as always, let me know if you score an even sweeter deal! – $6.99 for a box of 24 – $5.00 for a box of 24 – $9.47 for a box of 24 – $5.95 for a box of 24 – $6.89 for a box of 24

Hugs and Kisses from Hershey’s for Valentine’s Day Delights!

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, I’ve had sweet treats on my mind more often than usual. To be fair, it’s not entirely my fault! A quick trip to the grocery store for eggs and oranges and I can’t help but walk right into a gigantic display of heart-shaped candy collections and special red and pink bags of candy favorites. And it was on my last trip that I grabbed a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and Hershey’s Hugs. I wasn’t quite sure as of Sunday what I was going to do with them, but I just figured it out and have to share!

Originally, I was planning on making these heart-shaped Hershey’s Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies I came across on With 5 stars from 21 reviews, it seemed like a no-brainer! Plus, hearts are cute, perfect for Valentine’s Day, and I already have a heart cookie cutter. I could cinch one Hershey’s Kiss topped cookie in a pretty bag alongside a Hershey’s Hug topped cookie, and all my friends could get a peanut buttery hug and kiss from me come Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I thought I was pretty clever, until my cleverness gears kicked it up a notch and I thought of something even cuter!

I’m still going to follow the peanut butter cookie recipe, and I’m still going to use my Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses, and I’m still going to cinch one of each in a pretty bag, tie it with a red ribbon, and gift them to friends and family. But they won’t be heart-shaped cookies, oh no! The cookies topped with Kisses will be shaped like lips, with a Hershey’s Kiss smack dab in the middle of each. And the cookies topped with hugs? Those I will make with my gingerbread man cookie cutter, who looks as though his arms are stretched wide ready for a big ol’ snuggly hug! Super de duper cute, right? I thought so, too. 🙂

Dentyne Classic Going Under the Knife!

When you’ve seen as many treasured candies and gums come and go as I have, the second you notice a favorite hasn’t been around as often lately you start to panic. This happened a few weeks ago with Dentyne Classic. It isn’t unheard of for my favorite place to pick up Dentyne Classic to be out of stock on it, but when repeated checks over a few weeks still showed “unavailable,” my worries mounted. As it turns out, my fears that Dentyne Classic was gone forever were met with good news from an inside source – that powerful breath freshener hasn’t gone toward the light, she’s gone toward the knife!

Yes, Dentyne Classic has made an appointment for a facelift. I thought she looked just perfect the way she was, with that familiar red and white pack, but I suppose getting a little work done could attract a younger following. If that younger following is what’s needed to keep Dentyne Classic rolling off the conveyor belt, I’m OK with it! As long as she’s just as beautiful on the inside as she ever was. Word is they won’t be changing up the flavor, and I’m hoping word is true. Nothing else on the market comes close to that original flavor, and there are times when only Dentyne will do!

On a side note, I took a quick peek at Dentyne’s Facebook page to see if I could find anything concrete on when to expect the new look on the shelves. I didn’t find mention of that, but I did find something else – the Dentyne Facebook page is pretty saucy and sassy! After raising my eyebrows a few times, I realized two things: 1.) I am not part of the age group that Dentyne is reaching out to through Facebook; 2.) I am glad they are continuing to evolve as a company, and finding a new audience with new products, but not forgetting their roots. Hurry back soon, Dentyne Classic. We miss you! <3