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90 Million Chocolate Easter Bunnies? Yes, Please.

I can’t help but think of how pleasantly precious the months of March and April are. They’re months of life, months of beauty, months full of birthdays, months full of … the births of 90 MILLION CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNIES!! Mhmm… so cute and so delicious!

I always thought Valentine’s Day was the biggest month in candy sales, until I found on that Easter candy sales surpass Valentine candy sales by almost $900 million. That’s a whole lotta Peeps. With all of these little baby yellow, pink, & lavender Marshmallow Peeps roaming around, I should have known! And I betcha’ ya didn’t know this one – If you line up all of the Jelly Bellies, Starburst & Smucker’s Jelly Beans that will be produced  this year, you’ll have enough to cruise around the globe not once, but THREE times!

I have to say – the Chocolate Easter Rabbit will always be the tastiest & most powerful Easter candy, towering over the other Easter treats in the basket. Remember those 26 inch high, 6 pound bunnies that you had to crack open with a hammer!?  And looking further on the site, the majority of you American lads & lassies believe Chocolate Bunnies should be eaten EARS FIRST?! As if! I start with the feet first, so I know Mr. Peter Cottontail has no way to run away from me. Then I continue with the ears, sinking my teeth into the luscious milk chocolate “amazingness,” and I finally end with the tail…err, I think we can change the subject now.

I cannot WAIT to adopt my Chocolate Easter bunny. Maybe I’ll adopt twins… or quadruplets 😉 Heck – throw in the bunnies, 200 Peeps, and a whole lot of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, and I can start my own Easter farm!

Can’t Burst My Bubble! Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum

Dubble Bubble Gum

Image courtesy of

Who knew that Dubble Bubble is the world’s FIRST bubble gum since 1928?! I know this bubble blowing gal didn’t! AND – there’s more! It was invented by an accountant named Walter E. Diemer. Okay all of you accountants out there – time for your next career opportunity 😉

I think it’s safe to say that we all remember chewing on Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum as a kid, especially on those hot summer days when we had a creamsicle in one hand and a skinned knee on the other from playing with all the neighborhood kids. Or remember buying it at little league games and going up to bat with a big wad of it in your mouth? Ah… to be 8 years old again with a pink baseball bat. But who says we can’t relive our childhood, especially with the sugar free version of this old time favorite!

Now here I am over the moon to see prices are still low on it! Even though you can’t get a piece of this bubbly deliciousness for a penny anymore as back in the good ol’ days, if you whip out a dime plus 2 more pennies – it’s yours. Or you can have “dubble” the fun and check out these awesome bulk prices I scoped out and scooped up: $18.00 $22.89 $11.25 $12.99

It’s totally rad that I can buy this in bulk, as I always wanted to see how many pieces I would have to chew all at once to blow the best & biggest bubble. My record is 4 pieces – yeah, I’ve got this thing down. What’s yours?

Cupcake Cuties and Cotton Candy Dreams

Image courtesy of LivingLocurto.comI’m a huge fan of random sparks of creativity, whether it’s inside the buttercream delights of a pink and green wedding cake or a witty ice cream name at my favorite best-kept-secret ice cream parlor (can’t tell or it won’t be a secret!). I was doing my daily scope-out of the blog, and came across an older post on Cotton Candy Easter Cupcakes. Now, you know I love my cupcakes, and cotton candy has been in ever since Katy Perry wrapped herself up in a cloud of it on the cover of Teenage Dreams. Plus, these cutesies are a snap to create, and are just so creative. You can bet I made them and had a few in the time it took my newest cotton candy-pink manicure to dry!

Cotton Candy Easter Cupcakes, by the blog

Makes as many cupcakes as your heart desires



  • Fill each cupcake wrapper with cotton candy. If there is any leftover, absolutely eat it. This is required.
  • Pluck a Peeps or Peeps Bunny and place it on top of the cotton candy, pressing it down into the cotton candy a bit.
  • Sprinkle a few pastel M&M’s over the cotton candy.
  • Marvel at, and eat up! They taste best when eaten right away, or else the cotton candy has a little tendency to shrivel up – I guess it’s scared by the Peeps!

I’m totes in love with the Living Locurto blog, and am so glad these gorgeous goodies caught my eye. The pastel hues of Easter are so in right now, and these little guys will be filling my hunger while I anxiously await The Hunger Games premier! Can’t wait, ttyl!