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Scoop Up Some Marshmallow Cones at a Cool Price!

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Sometimes my candy cravings make sense. Easter is on the horizon, so Cadbury Mini Eggs are at the top of my must-eat list. Valentine’s Day just passed, and I couldn’t get my fill of Conversation Hearts. I saw those candies in the store, my mind is trained to want them at certain times of year, so it all adds up! But then there are other cravings that come out of left field and I don’t rightly know what kicked them into gear. And today that is a serious craving for marshmallow ice cream cones.

If you aren’t familiar with marshmallow ice cream cones candy, I’ll do my best to describe them. It would do you well to understand that they don’t contain any actual ice cream, rather a ‘swirl’ of marshmallow tucked into an ice cream cone. This marshmallow swirl is white, pink and blue, or white, green and yellow. And it is typically sprinkled with delicious sugar crystals to make an already awesome sweet even sweeter.

If you are familiar with marshmallow ice cream cones, chances are good that you’re craving them now as well since I brought them up! If that’s the case, here are some places you can dish out a little cash and scoop them up online…

30-Cone Tub of Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones

Marshmallow Cones at Blair Candy – $9.00
Marshmallow Cones at Old Time Candy – $9.99
Marshmallow Cones at – $15.95
Marshmallow Cones at – $9.95
Marshmallow Cones at eBay – $16.99

Jelly Belly Rolls Out a Good Kind of Beer Belly!

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Typically, when you think of the words ‘beer belly’ you imagine someone with an extra round stomach that was ‘grown’ primarily from consuming too many cold ones. But there’s another kind of beer belly out there now, and it’s much more exciting! Adding to their already amazing lineup of Jelly Belly flavors, the brains behind the best beans in the business have brewed up something fans of the frothy stuff are sure to love. Raise your mugs to Jelly Belly Draft Beer Flavor Jelly Beans, which I first read about here!

An iridescent finish makes these beans surprisingly – dare I say – pretty! But the point of the iridescence wasn’t one of beauty, rather to give the same effect as a bubbly brew. Watching the video on the Jelly Belly website, I learned that the first drink-inspired flavor to come from Jelly Belly was Pina Colada, in the 1980s. Many marvelous flavors followed, including a favorite of many, Mai Tai.

One of my favorite things about Jelly Belly beans is the myriad recipes you can find to create a symphony of flavor on your tongue. For example, pairing the now discontinued Peanut Butter bean with a Grape Jelly bean to simulate everyone’s favorite sandwich. While we’re sure there are plenty Draft Beer Jelly Belly recipes to come, we don’t have to start from scratch. Jelly Belly has provided several recipes to consider, including Beer Sangria (2 Draft Beer beans and 1 Peach bean), Apple Cider Shandy (2 Draft Beer beans and 1 Red Apple bean), and Michelada (2 Draft Beer beans, 1 Lemon Lime bean, and 1 Tabasco® bean).

Of note from “All Jelly Belly jelly beans are OU Kosher, gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, fat free and vegetarian friendly.” It’s also worth mentioning that Draft Beer beans are alcohol-free, though most parents probably wouldn’t want their kiddos noshing on them regardless!

What are your thoughts on Jelly Belly Draft Beer jelly beans, or Jelly Belly beans in general? My personal favorites are Watermelon and Strawberry Daiquiri – what are yours?