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I’m Thinking Spring Candy Thoughts

Albanese Mini Gummy Butterflies

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Ya know, we got a few nice days in. The sun was shining, a heavy wool coat was optional, and I didn’t even have to ask myself before I stepped outside whether I should bring gloves. Spring sprung, birds chirped, children even played in the park. It was wonderful! And then winter decided it wasn’t going to leave quite so easily, and we’re back to shivering away the day.

But I’m not going to let it defeat me. I still get my longer days, and spring almost certainly has to warm up eventually, right? Gosh, I hope so! And no matter how completely over this winter I may be, I’ll still take sweater and coat weather over the oppressive ‘How is it even possible to be this hot and humid?’ dog days of summer. If it were around 65 degrees every day, I’d be about as happy a camper as you’ve ever seen hike a trail!

Since I don’t have control over the weather itself, and since spring really has arrived whether it feels like it or not, I am doing the ‘spring thing’ to the fullest. I’m wearing my brightest warm clothes, I’ve started spring cleaning, and I’ve even placed an order or two for some spring candy. What qualifies as spring candy, you might be asking? Among many other things, mini gummy butterflies!

I’m not sure if more than one company makes delicious gummy butterflies, but I do know the kind Albanese creates are super good! With a pretty translucence and a perfectly sweet fruity taste, these are about as springtastic as it gets. And here’s where you can get some of your own…

5 lb. bags of Mini Gummy Butterflies – $9.99 (on sale!) – $13.95 – $12.95 – $17.00 – $19.50 – $14.95 (on sale!) – $17.95

Happy Pills – Sometimes the Best Medicine of All Doesn’t Require a Prescription!

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I’m a candy fan, you’re a candy fan, a lot of people you know are probably candy fans. Candy might not be the most nutritious food on the planet, but it doesn’t pretend to be, either. Candy is fun food at its finest – unapologetically indulgent, sweet, and often, colorful and cool. But can candy also be medicine? While it’s not too likely to be what the doctor ordered, I think it can! Sort of…

Measure Your Mood, Decide Your Dose

At the end of a long, trying day, a lot of people reach for a beer or glass of wine. Some take it out on the treadmill at the gym, while others dig into a cake or pie. We all have our own ways of making ourselves feel better when times get tough, and mine is not surprisingly eating candy.

Of course, if your mood is more than just a bit cranky because you had a rough day and you feel you may be suffering from depression, by all means you should talk about it with your doctor. But if it’s an occasional occurrence and it was something (or several things) that set you off, that’s a different story. That’s the kind of story where Happy Pills might be the best medicine!

I first read about Happy Pills on the blog panda bytes. The author was enviably roaming the streets of Barcelona when they happened upon a candy shop by the name of Happy Pills. Once inside they were encountered with some of the most clever candy container designs I’ve ever seen! As the ‘Instructions for use’ demonstrate, these bottles are to be popped open when the little annoyances of life have us just about ready to scream at the moon. Apparently there is even a ‘prescription’ aimed at helping men to wash the dishes!

I clicked through to the Happy Pills website, and was instantly in love with everything. I don’t speak Spanish so am unsure what many of the label options mean, but it appears that for some items you can opt for your favorite candy mix and affix a ‘prescription’ of your choosing. Such a wonderful gift idea, and just plain fun like candy should be!

This Lucky Leprechaun Bark is St. Patrick’s Day Perfection!

Can you believe St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away? I certainly can’t! Holidays have been sneaking up on me this year more than ever, though I have to admit they’ve always had a habit of doing that. I haven’t got my holiday plans set in stone just yet, but I will be having some friends over this weekend to kick back and catch up over a few beers and cocktails. I always like to have a special sweet on hand to share, and I made a stop by Pinterest today to see what it had to offer. After sorting through quite a few tempting St. Patrick’s Day candy recipes, the one shining brightest at the end of the rainbow came to light! And that recipe is for colorful, fun, and crunchy Lucky Leprechaun Bark.

The Pin for this mint chocolate bark recipe led me to, and if the ingredients didn’t sound delicious enough on their own (they do!), the additional pictures would have been enough to make my decision for me. The one I saw on Pinterest was enticing enough, but looking at several in a row from different angles had my sweet tooth sending up a cheer! One of my favorite things about barks is that they look like they took forever to make, but actually can be quite quick. This recipe seems like it can be achieved in a short window of time, but the effect is perfect. All you’ll need as far as ingredients go is melting chocolate, melting white chocolate, green food coloring, Mint M&M’s, Andes Mint baking chips, and some green colored sugar. Check out the site for a step-by-step and some inspiration on other occasions for which this bark makes a great choice!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!