About Us

Thanks for stopping by our About Us Page – it’s very sweet of you! There’s a few friends working behind the Candy Chatter scene, but the Main Marshmallow if you will is me – Candy! Yep, the name Candy Chatter was chosen for two reasons – because my real name is Candy and I’ll be doing most of the ‘chatting’ around here, and because most of that chatting will be about candy, of course. It just so happens to be one of my favorite things, and I was always taught that unless you have something nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. When it comes to candy – I have plenty of nice things to say!

I truly believe I am genetically wired to love the sweet stuff. My father worked in the candy industry, I followed in his sugary footsteps, and I gladly take my work home with me every day. Candy was never considered off-limits growing up, and I’ve always kept the candy cupboard well-stocked for my own kids. Relying on the belief that if you don’t make it taboo they won’t overdo it, I’m happy to report that for me and my children at least, candy has never stood in the way of us eating a balanced diet. Sure, we might sneak a little extra from time to time, but giving yourself permission to indulge a bit helps you to keep yourself in candy check!

As for me – I’m a Baby Boomer Candy Blogger that remembers it all, from the brown paper bag brimming with candy cigarettes and satellite wafers, to learning the ins and outs of this delightfully, deliciously fascinating industry. I’ve been in the biz for over 30 years, but ate up everything my father taught me as a child almost as readily as I ate up candy! I know as much about candy retailers as I know about the best way to eat Rolos (frozen!), and I fondly remember the days when peanut allergies were of no worry, and none of us even knew what a calorie was. 🙂