Candy Dreams and Shopping Sweeps

Remember that old game show Supermarket Sweep, where contestants were given a specific amount of time to race through a supermarket (with no shoppers, of course) filling cart after cart with as many items as they could grab, but no more than 5 of each? I loved that show more than I can ever possibly express. And it’s exactly what I would dream of doing in several of my favorite stores, with Target nearing the top of the list.

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Well, for as much as I already loved Target, after reading a sweet little article I’m about to love it more. reports – Pop-up shops at Target sweet deal for Candy Store. The article focuses on a San Francisco duo whose Vallejo Street the Candy Store has been chosen as “one of five specialty stores selected to be part of the Minneapolis chain’s Shops at Target program, debuting in May.” For six sweet weeks, their candies will be included at “temporary stores-within-Target-stores and online at” In other words, Yay!!! I can shop at another store – a candy store, at that – without ever even leaving my beloved Target? That’s Inception-style dream-within-a-dream business right there!


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