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4th of July Candy at its Finest – Gummy Army Men!

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We are just days away from celebrating one of the most important holidays in our country’s rich history. It takes a lot of courage, determination, and passion to break away and claim your independence, whether you’re making a new life for yourself, or forming a new country! So this Independence Day, let’s remember all those brave men and women who came before us, paving the way for the freedoms we get to enjoy every day. And let’s also take time to raise a toast to all the men and women we personally know who take risks every day in the pursuit of happiness! Oh, and let’s find some sweet deals on 4th of July candy as well, shall we?

When it comes to choosing 4th of July candy, just about anything red, white and blue will do. But I like to also include something specifically aimed at honoring our military, and one of the best candies I know that does just that is Gummy Army Men. Here are a few places you can round up some troops of your own, in a bulk 5 pound bag…

Gummy Army Men at – $12.50
Gummy Army Men at – $19.50
Gummy Army Men at – $13.25
Gummy Army Men at – $17.00

Wrangle Up a Good Price on Nerds Ropes!

Nerds Rope

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Looking at everything from the packaging to the candy itself, I can pretty clearly see that Nerds Ropes were not designed to target a more…shall we say…’mature’ audience. Nerds Ropes are kid candy at its colorful best – literally a candy-on-top-of-candy-concoction, because two candies are so much better than one. And you know what? I really don’t care if I’m not their target market. I understand that most people my age probably aren’t downing Rope and Rope. But I looooove them. I may even love them more than Nerds themselves, and I love Nerds plenty!

Like so many favorites before them, my feelings toward the Nerds Rope fell into the immediate infatuation category. One day I’d never had them before, and the next I was eating more than my dentist would want to know about. In time, I learned that just maybe a 2 Ropes a day habit wasn’t healthy. But I think it’s safe to say that a month never goes by without at least Rope. What can I say – I’m caught up in them! I even opt for the ‘kid pack’ at the local movie theater because it comes with the perfect amount of popcorn, a small drink and a pack of candy. That pack of candy was Sour Patch Kids for many years, and while I like those a lot as well, I am able to resist them. Well, the candy portion has been replaced with a Nerds Rope, so even if I arrive at the theater immediately after dinner, you know I’m ordering a kids pack. I have to. I really can’t not.

If you love Nerds Ropes as well, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, here are some shops online where you can pick up a box of 24…

Nerds Ropes at – $18.72

Nerds Ropes at – $30.00

Nerds Ropes at – $20.95

Nerds Ropes at – $18.15

Nerds Ropes at – $23.00

Nerds Ropes at – $19.20

My First Caramel Love – Sugar Daddy!

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Well, folks. Yours truly is currently experiencing something we all go through at some point, usually more than once. I have a toothache! I don’t even want to tell my friends because their fingers will point to my candy cupboard so quickly the door might fly open. But as we all know, while candy isn’t exactly the best thing for your teeth, with proper brushing and flossing you can keep your choppers chomping just fine. So I really do think this toothache isn’t candy-related, even though some may think I’m in denial! That said, I have cut down on my sweets this week as I get closer to my dental appointment. In fact, I’ve been eating less overall because as anyone who has suffered a toothache understands, it’s pretty much all you can think about. Well, that and all the candy I want that I can’t have until it’s better!

Yes, I am currently in the thick of ‘wanting what I can’t have’ syndrome. Since my tooth hurts and candy is the least practical thing to be craving, I want it VERY MUCH. And not just any candy, oh no! I want the sweetest, stickiest, most un-toothache-friendly candy I can think of. I want a Sugar Daddy! And as soon as my toothache is a distant memory, I’m going to have one. Do you want one, too? Here’s some places to check out…

Smaller Size Sugar Daddy Junior – Boxes of 48 – $7.99 – $9.60 – $9.50 – $7.95 – $8.48

I’m Thinking Spring Candy Thoughts

Albanese Mini Gummy Butterflies

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Ya know, we got a few nice days in. The sun was shining, a heavy wool coat was optional, and I didn’t even have to ask myself before I stepped outside whether I should bring gloves. Spring sprung, birds chirped, children even played in the park. It was wonderful! And then winter decided it wasn’t going to leave quite so easily, and we’re back to shivering away the day.

But I’m not going to let it defeat me. I still get my longer days, and spring almost certainly has to warm up eventually, right? Gosh, I hope so! And no matter how completely over this winter I may be, I’ll still take sweater and coat weather over the oppressive ‘How is it even possible to be this hot and humid?’ dog days of summer. If it were around 65 degrees every day, I’d be about as happy a camper as you’ve ever seen hike a trail!

Since I don’t have control over the weather itself, and since spring really has arrived whether it feels like it or not, I am doing the ‘spring thing’ to the fullest. I’m wearing my brightest warm clothes, I’ve started spring cleaning, and I’ve even placed an order or two for some spring candy. What qualifies as spring candy, you might be asking? Among many other things, mini gummy butterflies!

I’m not sure if more than one company makes delicious gummy butterflies, but I do know the kind Albanese creates are super good! With a pretty translucence and a perfectly sweet fruity taste, these are about as springtastic as it gets. And here’s where you can get some of your own…

5 lb. bags of Mini Gummy Butterflies – $9.99 (on sale!) – $13.95 – $12.95 – $17.00 – $19.50 – $14.95 (on sale!) – $17.95

Scoop Up Some Marshmallow Cones at a Cool Price!

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Sometimes my candy cravings make sense. Easter is on the horizon, so Cadbury Mini Eggs are at the top of my must-eat list. Valentine’s Day just passed, and I couldn’t get my fill of Conversation Hearts. I saw those candies in the store, my mind is trained to want them at certain times of year, so it all adds up! But then there are other cravings that come out of left field and I don’t rightly know what kicked them into gear. And today that is a serious craving for marshmallow ice cream cones.

If you aren’t familiar with marshmallow ice cream cones candy, I’ll do my best to describe them. It would do you well to understand that they don’t contain any actual ice cream, rather a ‘swirl’ of marshmallow tucked into an ice cream cone. This marshmallow swirl is white, pink and blue, or white, green and yellow. And it is typically sprinkled with delicious sugar crystals to make an already awesome sweet even sweeter.

If you are familiar with marshmallow ice cream cones, chances are good that you’re craving them now as well since I brought them up! If that’s the case, here are some places you can dish out a little cash and scoop them up online…

30-Cone Tub of Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones

Marshmallow Cones at Blair Candy – $9.00
Marshmallow Cones at Old Time Candy – $9.99
Marshmallow Cones at – $15.95
Marshmallow Cones at – $9.95
Marshmallow Cones at eBay – $16.99

Chew on a Softly-Flavored Nostalgic Gum Favorite – Teaberry Gum

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As we move into a new year, I am just as struck with the possibilities before me as I am by thoughts of days gone by. And just like many of you, when I look back on my youth, amongst those memories there is more than enough candy to go around. But it’s not only candy that I love and have loved. I might not talk about it as often, but I don’t let a day go by without chewing at least one piece of gum.

Always in my purse, in my desk drawer, and in the candy dish on the kitchen table, chewing gum and bubble gum are an enjoyable part of my everyday delights. I might find myself chewing more sugarless gum than I did when I was a kid and didn’t really understand cavities, but once in awhile I still reach for a piece of sugared gum whose flavor, texture, or memories I crave. Today, that gum is Teaberry gum.

Still bearing its 25 cent price on the wrapper from many stores, Teaberry gum has always been for me a quieter chew in every way. The faintly sweet aroma escapes the pack as soon as you unwrap the tab, and the light-colored gum inside offers a smooth, almost delicate chew. The flavor is unmistakable, but also subtle and almost calming. Unlike gums that attack the taste buds with strong minty flavor or cinnamon flavor or even bold bubblegum flavor, Teaberry gum is more suited to reading a good book on a sunny day, giving the cat an occasional pat on the head. And I like that. Sometimes I don’t need a gum that will make my eyes water or banish bad breath. I just want something, well, I guess ‘nice’ would be a good word. Yes, Teaberry gum is nice.

Whether you’re a longtime Teaberry fan like me, or you’re looking to try this gum for the first time, here are some places online you can find a nice price as well!

Teaberry Gum – (20) 5-stick packs – $5.99 – $6.95 – $6.95

Pearls Candy & Nuts – $6.99 – $4.99

Push Pops by the Box – Push for the Best Price!

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On a scale of 1 to Push Pop, I’m going to let you guess how much I love Push Pops! I’ll take a cherry or a blue raspberry without complaint if they’re the only ones left in the box, but in a dream world, it would be all watermelon and strawberry. Watermelon and strawberry Push Pops as far as the eye could see! Sigh. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You bet it does.

In addition to their refreshingly sweet, fruity flavor, Push Pops have quite a bit going for them…

  • For one, they are a self-contained lollipop. They have their own case, and if you don’t finish it all at once, you can slide it down for later without worry over it attracting every hair and fuzzy in sight.
  • For another, they have a clip on them. Now, before you go clipping a Push Pop to your pocket like it’s a stubby pen, you should know this is not ‘cool’ in the classic sense of the word! It is weird and funny, and that’s what makes it so awesome.
  • You can pretend they’re lipstick. Yes, I know, I am a grown woman. I have real lipstick, and I enjoy that as well. But I hope the day never comes where my first instinct after licking a Push Pop isn’t to immediately swipe it across my lips like it’s makeup! Because it’s fun and reminds me I’m still a bit of a kid, and it makes my lips taste delicious.

With all those reasons in mind, don’t you want to order up a box of your own? Now, now – don’t all ‘push’ at once! There are plenty to go around at these sweet sites…

Boxes of 24 Assorted Push Pops

Old Time Candy – $20.99
Blair Candy – $21.95
Candy Warehouse – $24.00
Bulk Candy Store – $20.50
Sweet Factory – $28.50
Candy Crate – $25.99

Nothing Says ‘Cold Weather is Here’ With as Much Flavor as Peach Penguins!

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Hello, everyone! I hope you all had the happiest of Halloweens, and are gearing up for an even greater Thanksgiving! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the things I’m grateful for, and I’m happy to report that the list is very long. Among the things I’m grateful for is this here little blog. It has given me a place to share in my love of all things sweet, and I’m extra grateful to anyone who takes a few minutes out of their busy day to read my candy chatter. If it’s true that we are what we eat, you guys really are the sweetest audience a lady could hope for!

Another thing I’m grateful for is the Internet and the countless wonderful impacts it has made on our world. Not only is it necessary for this blog and an opportunity to meet all of you, but it has helped us all take better charge of our lives in myriad ways. Without delving too far into the really serious stuff, the Internet has helped with one of life’s greatest pleasures – scoring a great deal!

Whether I’m shopping for a new pair of winter gloves, or a bulk box of lollipops, the Internet lets me search high and low for exactly what I’m looking for at the best price I can find. It also gives me greater insight into the companies I’m supporting with my hard-earned cash, and has opened my eyes to new and wonderful sweets that might not have ever made their way to my neck of the woods. Surely, the Internet has fueled much greater and more important things than candy comparison shopping, but I don’t see any harm in appreciating its wonders both big and small!

And with that in mind, I present the latest edition of ‘Mouthwatering Prices’ – a list of places online that you can find the candy du jour. On the menu today – e.frutti Gummy Peach Penguins!

I love gummy peach penguins year-round, but these cute and fruity little fellas are especially fun for the colder months. Here are some places you can ‘march’ to get some for yourself!

e.frutti Peach Penguins in a 2.2 pound bag – $8.50 – $8.99 – $7.95 – $8.99 – $10.45

I Vant to Get a Good Price on Wax Fangs!

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Hey, everyone. I have some exciting news to share. HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!! OK, you probably knew, but in case you needed a little reminder, here it is. Halloween will be here oh-so-soon, and this lady is getting more ready by the day. The outside and inside of the house are decorated, a party invite or two has rolled in, and I’ve spent more time at my local Halloween store just taking in all the ooky, spooky wonderfulness than is probably normal. But when your favorite holiday comes around, that’s what you do, right? You hang a skeleton from the front door, put Monster Mash on repeat, and spend hours thinking of so many amazing costume ideas that choosing just one seems silly. Can I dress up every day in October, please? On a scale of 1-10, how weird would that be?

Needless to say, my Halloween preparations have also included stocking up on enough Halloween candy for my dentist to send me for an intervention. And of all the things I’ve purchased so far, I’m most looking forward to breaking out the Wax Fangs. Since these are most fun for when there’s lots of people wearing them, I’m saving them as a hostess gift of sorts for a Halloween party. And speaking of saving, here’s some places you can you can score some of your own for a price you can sink your teeth into!

Wax Fangs in Boxes of 24

Wax Fangs at – $26.38
Wax Fangs at – $25.00
Wax Fangs at – $24.00
Wax Fangs at – $26.00
Wax Fangs at – $22.99
Wax Fangs at – $26.00

Some Sweet Places to Score SKOR Bars!

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A friend recently reminded me of a conversation we had a few years back regarding candy bars. Several of us gals treated ourselves to a weekend away and were chatting over cocktails at the hotel bar. Presumably out of nowhere – though not really, as candy is never far from my mind! – I said something along the lines of, “Why aren’t there any candy bars? Like – actual bars where instead of alcohol they have candy bars?” Nope – it wasn’t the mango martini talking! I’ve thought this was a cute idea more than once in the past. Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a social space that centered around all different types of candy bars? Somewhere you could go with friends or for a first date and order both popular and more obscure candy bars from America and around the world? I certainly think so! And if there were such a place, I think the perfect complement to all that chocolate would be coffee. Coffee shops tend to do well all on their own – can you even imagine how well they might do if they served Caramel Macchiatos and Caramellos? Oh, how I’d love to work on recommended coffee and candy pairings! But I digress. Let’s talk about SKOR bars!

It was my friend reminding me of this conversation that got me thinking about candy bars in the first place. Some of my favorites have become harder and harder to find, from SKOR bars to 5th Avenues. And while they may have never been as popular as Snickers or Milky Way, many of them had quite a few fans in my circle of friends alone, and I’ve certainly seen others buying them at supermarkets and such! Thinking about SKOR bars in particular really struck a craving chord, and I found myself scouring the shelves at several local stores only to come up empty-handed. Luckily, my Internet search proved a whole lot sweeter. If you love SKOR bars as much as I do and want to stock up, here’s some places online to grab a box of 18…

SKOR Candy Bars at – $18.00
SKOR Candy Bars at – $29.74
SKOR Candy Bars at – $19.95
SKOR Candy Bars at – $19.99
SKOR Candy Bars at – $18.99