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Feet You Can Eat! Presenting: Sour Blue Raspberry Big Foot Gummies

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While blue raspberry candy might not be as popular today as it once was, I’m predicting right here and now that we are going to see it rise close to the top again. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but I can feel it in the air! There are already tons of tasty options to enjoy, including Blue Razz Berry Blow Pops, Blue Raspberry Air Heads, and Blue Raspberry Tootsie Frooties. But for as much as I love all of those candies, it’s one I just tried recently that has me reaching into the bag time and again with wild blue raspberry abandon! And that candy is shaped like a foot.

If you’ve never tried Big Foot gummies from The Allan Candy Company, you must not waste any more time. These tootsies are terrific, and with over 290,000 ‘likes’ on the BIG FOOT Candy Facebook page, I know I’m not alone in my adoration of this sour delight. I’ve only tried the blue raspberry variety so far, but am excited to get my hands on a bag of every flavor. If the others are even half as good they’ll have a new fan in me!

Are you ready to indulge in a treat shaped like feet? Here’s a few places you can ‘walk to’ on the Web to grab a 5.5 lb bag. It might seem like a lot of candy, but trust me – your first order won’t be your last!

Big Foot Candy at – $20.00
Big Foot Candy at – $13.95
Big Foot Candy at – $19.50
Big Foot Candy at – $24.95
Big Foot Candy at – $24.99
Big Foot Candy at – $24.99

Sandal Suckers Lollipops: This Treat Isn’t for Your Feet!

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My candy affection isn’t something that I hide from my friends, family or co-workers. I’ve never been very good at keeping secrets (at least not my own), and I’m not the type to wait ‘til everyone has gone to bed to break out the chocolate or gummies. I have no shame in my candy game, and I hope you don’t either! Plus, once people know how much you love candy, they have a tendency to buy it for you for your birthday, Christmas, or even just because. See – honesty does pay off!

Because I have the best friends in the whole world, and they love to see me happy, they are inclined to pick me up a sweet they haven’t seen before if they think it’s something I might not have tried. I’m sure there is a certain satisfaction in finding it before me, the queen o’candy, has even heard about it, but I’m totally OK with them winning the ‘first’ award as long as it comes with sugary goodness for yours truly!

This past weekend, a friend stopped over for coffee and chit-chat and had an adorable lollipop in tow that she picked up for me at a local shop. Like most people, I love the simplicity and freedom of flip flops in the summer, but I’d never eaten one before. Of course, I’d never had a flip flop lollipop before, so that could be why. 😉

This wasn’t just any old flip flop shaped lollipop; it was generously sized and adorable. My friend let me know that they were called ‘Sandal Suckers’, and that the box of 24 lollipops contained an assortment of fun colors. While the fruity flavor of the lollipop I had was rather tasty, I think it’s their cool, summery look that is the star of the show. These would make a fun addition to any seasonal get-together, or as party favors or wedding favors. And – here’s some places you can score some of your own!

Sandal Suckers at Blair Candy – $29.95
Sandal Suckers at Royal Candy Company – $26.15
Sandal Suckers at Candy Warehouse – $36.00
Sandal Suckers at Metro Candy – $25.50
Sandal Suckers at sweet city candy – $25.50

I’d Like to Order the Gummi Fried Eggs with a Side of Gummi Fried Eggs, Please!

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If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to sink your teeth into e.frutti’s gummi fried eggs, you already know that while these candies might take on a strange shape, their taste and texture are fantastic. These are one of my favorite gummies to share with friends and family as not everyone has encountered them before, and they’re usually a hit. Most people smile when they first see them – after all, a candy shaped like a fried egg is pretty rare! But the real joy comes when they pop one in their mouth and realize how delicious they are.

See, there’s more to gummi fried eggs than an adorable shape, which is no surprise given that they’re made by e.frutti. A company famous for combining fun with flavor, they definitely do not drop the ball on these. Made with real fruit juice, these fat free, peanut free gummies serve up a sweet peach flavor I just know you’re gonna love. Unless, of course, you already do love them and you’re just looking for some good stores online to order ‘em up. In either scenario, here they are!

2.2 lb. Bags of e.frutti Gummi Fried Eggs – $7.00 – $16.99 – $9.99 – $10.00 – $8.95

Know of somewhere else you can get gummi fried eggs for a great price? Please share in the comments!

Fabulously Fruity AirHeads Taffy – Which Flavor is Your Favorite?

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When AirHeads were first released way back in the 1980s, yours truly was a fast fan! I don’t quite remember if the ‘White Mystery’ flavor was available right out of the gate, but I do know that when I see it in the candy stand at the supermarket, I quietly lose my mind for at least a few seconds before grabbing 2 or 7. It should be noted that I’m a fan of most ‘mystery flavor’ gums and candies – the element of surprise only adds to the awesomeness of eating candy! But sometimes I want to know exactly what flavor I’m stocking up on, and when it comes to AirHeads taffy, Watermelon is a top selection. If they have White Mystery and Watermelon, the candy gods are smiling on me!

I never forgot about AirHeads, but I do tend to go through periods of eating them often and them falling out of rotation for a bit. The new AirHeads commercial has them fresh in my mind, and I’ve been enjoying them regularly for a few weeks now. The commercial itself is inventive and fun, and I already know I love the candy, so it all falls together. If the person in charge of AirHeads marketing is reading this – it’s working!

Want to score some AirHeads of your own? Here are a few places online you can grab boxes of 36 in an array of great flavors…

AirHeads at – $5.68
AirHeads at – $9.00
AirHeads at – $7.99
AirHeads at – $7.99
AirHeads at – $6.95
AirHeads at – $5.49
AirHeads at – $7.72

Reese’s Giant Peanut Butter Egg: More PB, More Chocolate, More Yay!

I don’t remember the exact year that giant Reese’s Eggs hatched on candy shelves across America, I just imagine that the day someone, somewhere, at some time came up with idea for them, magical things likely happened the world ‘round. Unicorns took flight over candy-colored rainbows; cats and dogs became best friends for a few short, amazing minutes. And, even if those magical things didn’t happen, something amazing did happen nonetheless. An idea became a candy reality, and that candy reality is just one more reason to love Reese’s.

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Weighing in at a sizable 6 ounces, Giant PB Eggs have a slightly thicker chocolate shell than the normal Reese’s Cup. This does throw off the chocolate to peanut butter ratio bite-for-bite, so they are ‘different’ than Peanut Butter Cups in more ways than shape and size alone. For routine enjoyment, I prefer the chocolate to peanut butter ratio of normal PB Cups. However, I also greatly enjoy the slightly different flavor and eating experience that the giant eggs offer. There’s something a bit more decadent about them that makes eating one feel special.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Reese’s Giant Peanut Butter Egg or 2, the options online actually appear to be fairly limited! I was surprised by how few of my usual candy haunts don’t appear to be carrying them. However – I did find 3 great resources! Additionally, I haven’t had much trouble finding these in stores, so it is worth checking next time you’re out and about. I’d keep my candy eyes peeled at Target, Walmart, Dollar General, Kmart, grocery stores, or any place near you that typically stocks a nice amount of holiday candies. As for those 3 places online – here they are…

BlairCandy.comReese’s Giant Easter Egg – $5.75
ORyans.comReese’s Giant Easter Egg – $7.29
CandyWarehouse.comReese’s Giant Easter Egg – $7.50

Did you find them anywhere else online I might have missed? Please share in the comments!

Go for the Gold Mine Gum this St. Patrick’s Day!

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The simple fact is, I like a lot of things. I like a lot of things, I like a lot of people, I like a lot of animals. So on any given day, the things that make me smile can include an old beagle trotting down the street on a walk, a checkered green bow in someone’s hair, and a friendly barista at Starbuck’s. Among many, many other things. But for all the separate things I like, what I love is when those things come together! And that’s exactly what’s happening with Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum. Let’s look…

  • It’s gum. I <3 gum.
  • It’s a yellowish-gold. I love that color.
  • It comes in a cinchable burlap pouch. Who doesn’t love a good burlap pouch?!
  • It’s fun to pull out of your purse. I also love purses.
  • It makes a great, festive treat for St. Patrick’s Day… a holiday I LOVE!
  • It comes 24 to a box, which means you can share it with your friends. Or not. Hehe.
  • They’re cool. ‘Nuff said.

It’s also worth noting that they have a pretty great flavor, and they work well not only with St. Patty’s Day themes, but for almost any other occasion as well. My first thought is how darling they’d be as wedding favors with a tag that read, “We struck gold when we found one another!”

Are you a fan of Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum as well, or want to try it for the first time? Here’s some sites I ‘mined’ the internet for you to check out! – 24 pouches for $27.99 – 24 pouches for $24.99 – 12 boxes of 24 pouches for $195.84 – 24 pouches for $23.75 – 24 pouches for $40.18 – 24 pouches for $27.99 – 24 pouches for $23.45

Jelly Belly Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Bears – The Perfect Heat for Me!

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about spicy food and candy it is this: The ‘hotness’ is subjective. While I can down a box or bag of Red Hots without batting an eyelash, some people can only handle a few before their tongue ‘feels funny.’ I’m certainly no scientist, so I’m not sure what makes things that are too hot for some just fine for others, but based on experience I would say my taste buds ride somewhere in the middle. I can’t pop habanero chilis like they’re Tic Tacs, but I can find the flavor for the tingle in most moderately spicy dishes.

As for spicy cinnamon candy, I’m most definitely a fan. I never pass up the movie theater style boxes of Hot Tamales, and I’m among the first in line for cinnamon hearts come Valentine’s Day. But for all the cinnamon sweet treats I so adore, my taste buds vote Jelly Belly’s Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Bears as the spiciest. I can’t promise your taste buds will feel the same, but I have a feeling they will!

While some shops might carry Jelly Belly’s Hot Cinnamon Bears year-round, in my experience they are easiest to find close to Valentine’s Day. To be sure I have them on hand as long as possible – you know, before they hibernate for the summer – I am always sure to stock up shortly after I find the first sleuth of spicy bears! (Did you know a group of bears is called a ‘sleuth’? It’s true!)

When stocking up, shopping around for deals is a must. So this round of Mouthwatering Prices is dedicated to Jelly Belly Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Bears! Hope you love them as much as I do 🙂

8 oz. bag of cinnamon bears – $6.49
10 lbs. of cinnamon bears – $71.49

1 lb. tub of cinnamon bears – $8.99
6 oz. gift bag of cinnamon bears – $5.99

1 lb. cinnamon bears – $7.29

6 oz. gift bag of cinnamon bears – $4.95

10 lbs. of cinnamon bears – $49.05

(12) 3 oz. bags of cinnamon bears – $25.19

1 lb. cinnamon bears – $6.99

Mouthwatering Prices: The Heart Shaped Lollipops Edition

If I could describe myself in three little words during Valentine’s Day, it would be these: Swooning for sweets! I have a “whole lotta love” in my life, and whether I’ve got a beau for Valentine’s Day or not, I celebrate it like it’s the loveliest day of the year. After all, what’s not to love about love?

I’m a big believer in the practice of gifting yourself – we all have such busy lives, even moi, so why not reward ourselves by buying a special Christmas gift for yourself, or picking up that Valentine’s Day candy that you really want? Life is short, so indulge in the things that make you happy.

An oh, heart shaped lollipops do just that for me! I’d so much rather receive a bouquet of lollipops any day over the real thing, and I see no problem with making a lollipop bouquet for myself on Valentine’s Day. I’m already combing through all the online candy stores out there to find the best heart shaped lollipops deals, and I’m of course bringing them to my lovely readers! Here’s a sampling of my favorites:

Charmin my heart...shaped lollipops!

Image courtesy of

Charms Heart Shaped Lollipops

Valentine Iced Heart Lollipop Gift Sets

Jolly Rancher Heart Shaped Lollipops

Valentine’s Day Cherry Tootsie Pops

I’ll be posting more Valentine’s Day candy deals as I wonder around online, so stay tuned. And as always, stay sweet!



Tootsie Pops Miniatures: The Perfect Little Licks!

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While I admit that part of my appreciation for Tootsie Pops Miniatures stems from the fact that I’m almost always drawn to versions of things that are Mini or Jumbo, what I really love is that they make my teeth happy! I’m one of those people that simply can’t resist biting a Tootsie Pop before it’s time to. As much as I love the sweet candy shell, my brain goes into chocolate-center-seeking overdrive and chomps on down just a minute or two in. My teeth try to yell back, “It’s too soon!” But my brain? My brain isn’t listening. My brain is too busy enjoying chocolate.

I’ve been lucky so far that my teeth haven’t suffered from this premature chomping, but Tootsie Pops Miniatures definitely help me stretch my luck. Even though my brain still wants to bite too soon, when it does, there’s less lollipop to get through. Of course this often means I eat twice as many, but that’s a small price to pay and I’m just the gal to do it! 😉

Want to grab some Tootsie Pops Miniatures yourself at prices that are small, too? Here’s some places to check out for these lovely little lollies and more…

Tootsie Pops Miniatures – 80 count – – $3.25

Tootsie Pops Miniatures – 80 count – – $2.25

Tootsie Pops Miniatures – 80 count – – $1.39

Tootsie Pops Miniatures – 80 count – – $6.50

Are Those Bubblegum Eyeballs My Own Eyeballs See? They Are!

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My love of bubblegum eyeballs is one of the many things about me that just doesn’t make sense. I mean – it kind of makes sense. I love Halloween and I love bubblegum, but the idea of chewing on eyes – even obviously fake, sugary eyes – is unsettling for sure.

I have what some might call ‘a thing about eyes.’ I love horror movies, whether they’re slightly cheesy 80s flicks about prom queens and cheerleaders meeting an untimely end, or Romero classics that leave me nightmaring about zombies for weeks. (Is nightmaring a word? I think I just made it one.) But for all the gruesome, terrifying, turn-around-the-killer-is-right-behind-you movies that I watch, the blanket comes up over my head if I even think there’s a possibility something bad is going to happen to someone’s eyes. It makes my stomach hurt, my mind hurt, my eyes hurt! I can’t un-see it, so I don’t look just in case. But bubblegum eyes? Yeah, I chew those bad boys like there’s no tomorrow. I just don’t look before I pop one in my mouth!

I’ve seen people do very clever Halloween-y things with bubblegum eyes, from floating them in Jello to simply setting them on top of cupcakes that stare back at you. Me? I chew ‘em up just like they are and love every minute of it! As long as I don’t think too much about what they look like. That would leave me nightmaring for weeks. (I used it again!)

Do you love bubblegum eyes, too? Here’s some places worth taking a peek…

Rain-Blo Bubblegum Eyes – 100 count – $8.79 – Blair
Spooky Eyes Bubblegum Eyes – 100 count – $10.99 –
Eyes of Terror Bubblegum Eyes – 100 count – $10.00 –
Rain-Blo Bubblegum Eyes – 100 count – $12.99 –