4th of July Candy at its Finest – Gummy Army Men!

Image courtesy of AlbaneseCandy.com

Image courtesy of AlbaneseCandy.com

We are just days away from celebrating one of the most important holidays in our country’s rich history. It takes a lot of courage, determination, and passion to break away and claim your independence, whether you’re making a new life for yourself, or forming a new country! So this Independence Day, let’s remember all those brave men and women who came before us, paving the way for the freedoms we get to enjoy every day. And let’s also take time to raise a toast to all the men and women we personally know who take risks every day in the pursuit of happiness! Oh, and let’s find some sweet deals on 4th of July candy as well, shall we?

When it comes to choosing 4th of July candy, just about anything red, white and blue will do. But I like to also include something specifically aimed at honoring our military, and one of the best candies I know that does just that is Gummy Army Men. Here are a few places you can round up some troops of your own, in a bulk 5 pound bag…

Gummy Army Men at BlairCandy.com – $12.50
Gummy Army Men at CandyWarehouse.com – $19.50
Gummy Army Men at SweetServices.com – $13.25
Gummy Army Men at SweetFactory.com – $17.00

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