Are Those Bubblegum Eyeballs My Own Eyeballs See? They Are!

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My love of bubblegum eyeballs is one of the many things about me that just doesn’t make sense. I mean – it kind of makes sense. I love Halloween and I love bubblegum, but the idea of chewing on eyes – even obviously fake, sugary eyes – is unsettling for sure.

I have what some might call ‘a thing about eyes.’ I love horror movies, whether they’re slightly cheesy 80s flicks about prom queens and cheerleaders meeting an untimely end, or Romero classics that leave me nightmaring about zombies for weeks. (Is nightmaring a word? I think I just made it one.) But for all the gruesome, terrifying, turn-around-the-killer-is-right-behind-you movies that I watch, the blanket comes up over my head if I even think there’s a possibility something bad is going to happen to someone’s eyes. It makes my stomach hurt, my mind hurt, my eyes hurt! I can’t un-see it, so I don’t look just in case. But bubblegum eyes? Yeah, I chew those bad boys like there’s no tomorrow. I just don’t look before I pop one in my mouth!

I’ve seen people do very clever Halloween-y things with bubblegum eyes, from floating them in Jello to simply setting them on top of cupcakes that stare back at you. Me? I chew ‘em up just like they are and love every minute of it! As long as I don’t think too much about what they look like. That would leave me nightmaring for weeks. (I used it again!)

Do you love bubblegum eyes, too? Here’s some places worth taking a peek…

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