Brown Bagging My Way to My Own ‘Back to School’ – Starring Sandwiches and Flipsticks!

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No matter how many years it’s been since I was in school, every August I feel that same mix of excitement and nostalgia associated with the ‘Back to School’ season. I remember choosing the perfect ‘first day’ outfit, stuffin my new backpack with more pens, pencils and notebooks than I could possibly need, and anxiously awaiting the day the school posted whose homeroom you would be in on the front doors. I have since learned schools now post this information online, but I can’t imagine it’s as exciting as begging your mom to take you once you’ve heard through the grapevine that they’ve gone up, and bounding out of the car like lightning to search for your name, hoping against all hope you’d be in the same class as your bestie!

Yes, I miss almost all of it. Recess. Morning cartoons. Spelling bees. Simply being young. And while  I might not be able to get all of it back, there’s one thing I can still enjoy today: a well-packed lunch in a brown paper bag.

I don’t pack along a brown bag lunch every day, but particularly when the nostalgia bug bites, a turkey sandwich will do wonders for my soul that pizza and Chinese can’t touch. As for what I put in that lunch? Other than a turkey or bologna sandwich, I pack a can of Pepsi, small bag of chips, Slim Jim and one of a few candy favorites, including Flipsticks taffy.

Do you flip for flavorful Flipsticks as well? There really is no other taffy quite like them. And while they aren’t as easy to find as they once were, they’re out there and as divinely delicious as ever! Here’s a few of my favorite spots for Flipsticks… – Flipsticks Taffy$22.99 – Cherry Flavor – 192 count – Flipsticks Taffy$19.20 – Assorted Flavors – 192 count – Flipsticks Taffy$29.25 – Single Flavor Tubs – 192 count – Flipsticks Taffy$24.95 – Assorted and Single Flavor Tubs – 192 count

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