Capture the Spirit of Summer with Ring Pops!

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Whenever I see Ring Pops in the store, I’m always taken back for a few minutes to those 90s summer nights spent relaxing on the porch at my old house. While I wasn’t exactly a member of the target market for Ring Pops, I loved them at first lick, and would slip them as far down my finger as they would go before making my commitment to them. I always found that kind of funny about Ring Pops – you really did have to ‘marry them’ for a good twenty minutes or so, because once you stopped actively eating them they attracted every hair and fuzzy within 5 miles!

But it was that commitment that made them so special to me. I couldn’t multitask while enjoying a Ring Pop; I couldn’t put the dishes away or clean up the living room or do any of the other million things that always seem to need doing. I was forced to relax on my porch on a warm summer night, watching the neighbor kids play and just soaking up life. It’s sad that as adults we have to sometimes be backed into a corner to ‘just be,’ but I think it’s one of the most important things we can do.

As we properly settle into summer once again, I’m making myself a promise to have at least 2 ‘Ring Pop Nights’ each week. I will grab an icy drink, kick my feet up on the railing, and leave my cell phone inside. I will try to erase all the worries of the day and watch the kids play games and the neighbors walk their dogs and the cars pass by. I won’t get up from my seat until the only thing that remains on that plastic disk is the little nub that holds the Ring Pop on! And even then, I may just sit for a bit longer. 🙂

Want to celebrate Ring Pop Nights with me as well? Here’s a few places you can snag enough to last you all summer for a nice price… – $.69 each/24 for $13.99 – 40 for $23.18 – 24 for $13.20 – 10 for $4.99

The Dollar Tree – $1 for a 4-pack – If you order them online you have to buy at least 96 bags of 4 (that’s a lot of Ring Pops!), but if you live close to a Dollar Tree you can simply stop in and buy as many as you’d like. I’m not sure if they have them at every location, but my local Dollar Tree is a pretty reliable source for them.

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