Chew on a Softly-Flavored Nostalgic Gum Favorite – Teaberry Gum

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As we move into a new year, I am just as struck with the possibilities before me as I am by thoughts of days gone by. And just like many of you, when I look back on my youth, amongst those memories there is more than enough candy to go around. But it’s not only candy that I love and have loved. I might not talk about it as often, but I don’t let a day go by without chewing at least one piece of gum.

Always in my purse, in my desk drawer, and in the candy dish on the kitchen table, chewing gum and bubble gum are an enjoyable part of my everyday delights. I might find myself chewing more sugarless gum than I did when I was a kid and didn’t really understand cavities, but once in awhile I still reach for a piece of sugared gum whose flavor, texture, or memories I crave. Today, that gum is Teaberry gum.

Still bearing its 25 cent price on the wrapper from many stores, Teaberry gum has always been for me a quieter chew in every way. The faintly sweet aroma escapes the pack as soon as you unwrap the tab, and the light-colored gum inside offers a smooth, almost delicate chew. The flavor is unmistakable, but also subtle and almost calming. Unlike gums that attack the taste buds with strong minty flavor or cinnamon flavor or even bold bubblegum flavor, Teaberry gum is more suited to reading a good book on a sunny day, giving the cat an occasional pat on the head. And I like that. Sometimes I don’t need a gum that will make my eyes water or banish bad breath. I just want something, well, I guess ‘nice’ would be a good word. Yes, Teaberry gum is nice.

Whether you’re a longtime Teaberry fan like me, or you’re looking to try this gum for the first time, here are some places online you can find a nice price as well!

Teaberry Gum – (20) 5-stick packs – $5.99 – $6.95 – $6.95

Pearls Candy & Nuts – $6.99 – $4.99

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