Creepy Candy That’s Also Cute – I Loooove Halloween!

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When those bubblegum eyeballs and bags of candy corn catch my eye for the first time every Halloween season, my heart does a little skip for joy that is full of both nostalgia and fun plans to come. As much as I love Christmas, it’s possible that Halloween holds even more warm memories from my youth – a youth luckily spent in a smallish town where you really could safely venture out for hours without your parents having much reason to worry. We always played in packs, of course; I never wandered into the woods alone. And I’m not ‘rose-colored glasses’ enough to think it was idyllic and nothing bad happened ever. But for the most part, it didn’t. You woke up in the morning, watched some cartoons, ate some Cheerios, and got ready for another day full of play. And when Halloween rolled around? Well, that’s when things got really exciting!

Halloween brought not only candy, though that was and is an important part, but also cool decorations, haunted houses and hayrides, and a relaxed, neighborly spirit. With the hot days of summer behind us, kids and adults alike took to the outdoors for everything from raking leaves to swinging in the backyard on a cool afternoon. Everything slowed down in a good way. And in my neighborhood at least, that slowing down showed in some amazingly detailed Halloween decorating! These people weren’t just throwing up a scarecrow and calling it a day; they went all out, and their obvious love of Halloween fueled my own.

But there was also the candy! Each year I still buy oodles of favorites, from Fun Size Snickers to the candy corn mentioned above. But I also try at least a few new candies, and last year I found one I really loved, in both appearance and taste. They’re creepy, cute, colorful, and actually, really quite tasty. I bought them for the look, but was pleasantly surprised by the flavor (blue raspberry is my personal fave.) What are they, you ask? Coffin Creepers lollipops! And here’s some places you can dig up some for yourself…

Coffin Creepers Lollipops – 18-piece Boxes

CandyWarehouse – $36 – $27.99 – $22.50 – $31.49

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