Fabulously Fruity AirHeads Taffy – Which Flavor is Your Favorite?

Image courtesy of FavoriteRetroCandy.com

When AirHeads were first released way back in the 1980s, yours truly was a fast fan! I don’t quite remember if the ‘White Mystery’ flavor was available right out of the gate, but I do know that when I see it in the candy stand at the supermarket, I quietly lose my mind for at least a few seconds before grabbing 2 or 7. It should be noted that I’m a fan of most ‘mystery flavor’ gums and candies – the element of surprise only adds to the awesomeness of eating candy! But sometimes I want to know exactly what flavor I’m stocking up on, and when it comes to AirHeads taffy, Watermelon is a top selection. If they have White Mystery and Watermelon, the candy gods are smiling on me!

I never forgot about AirHeads, but I do tend to go through periods of eating them often and them falling out of rotation for a bit. The new AirHeads commercial has them fresh in my mind, and I’ve been enjoying them regularly for a few weeks now. The commercial itself is inventive and fun, and I already know I love the candy, so it all falls together. If the person in charge of AirHeads marketing is reading this – it’s working!

Want to score some AirHeads of your own? Here are a few places online you can grab boxes of 36 in an array of great flavors…

AirHeads at TheOnlineCandyShop.com – $5.68
AirHeads at CandyWarehouse.com – $9.00
AirHeads at OldTimeCandy.com – $7.99
AirHeads at OhNuts.com – $7.99
AirHeads at BlairCandy.com – $6.95
AirHeads at FavoriteRetroCandy.com – $5.49
AirHeads at BestPriceCandy.com – $7.72

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