Go for the Gold Mine Gum this St. Patrick’s Day!

Image courtesy of EspeezCandy.com

The simple fact is, I like a lot of things. I like a lot of things, I like a lot of people, I like a lot of animals. So on any given day, the things that make me smile can include an old beagle trotting down the street on a walk, a checkered green bow in someone’s hair, and a friendly barista at Starbuck’s. Among many, many other things. But for all the separate things I like, what I love is when those things come together! And that’s exactly what’s happening with Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum. Let’s look…

  • It’s gum. I <3 gum.
  • It’s a yellowish-gold. I love that color.
  • It comes in a cinchable burlap pouch. Who doesn’t love a good burlap pouch?!
  • It’s fun to pull out of your purse. I also love purses.
  • It makes a great, festive treat for St. Patrick’s Day… a holiday I LOVE!
  • It comes 24 to a box, which means you can share it with your friends. Or not. Hehe.
  • They’re cool. ‘Nuff said.

It’s also worth noting that they have a pretty great flavor, and they work well not only with St. Patty’s Day themes, but for almost any other occasion as well. My first thought is how darling they’d be as wedding favors with a tag that read, “We struck gold when we found one another!”

Are you a fan of Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum as well, or want to try it for the first time? Here’s some sites I ‘mined’ the internet for you to check out!

ACandyStore.com – 24 pouches for $27.99
PartyCity.com – 24 pouches for $24.99
EspeezCandy.com – 12 boxes of 24 pouches for $195.84
BlairCandy.com – 24 pouches for $23.75
KoyalWholesale.com – 24 pouches for $40.18
Candy.TW7Store.com – 24 pouches for $27.99
BestBulkCandy.com – 24 pouches for $23.45

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