Grillin’ Up Great Prices on Gummy Burgers and Gummy Hot Dogs!

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Have you been taking more of your meals outdoors as we slip closer to the official first day of summer? I sure hope so! Once the warm weather hits I grill just about anything I can get my hands on, but burgers and hot dogs always top the list. It’s a wonder I eat them at all the rest of the year when they taste so much better cooked on the grill. Add a few grilled kabobs packed with peppers, and butter-covered sweet corn to the mix? Don’t even get me started, my taste buds are dancing!

Yes, the grill is the champion of summer foods; the center of get-togethers and the backbone of every successful barbeque. But I don’t forego food that I can’t grill – a lady still needs her ice cream and candy! That is the other side of summer. Sure, I enjoy ice cream and candy all year long, but in the summer it’s even sweeter, lazily enjoyed while laying back on a chaise lounge, watching the sun ever-so-slowly set as a gentle breeze blows through. That’s the life, kids!

I always have extra candy at the ready for cookouts with friends and family, and just as is fun to do the rest of the year, I often keep it thematically and seasonally on point. Two of my favorite selections to offer guests (and myself!) are miniature gummy burgers and gummy hot dogs from e.frutti. They taste terrific, are cookout-cool, and last a lot longer in the sun than chocolate bars! And here’s some places you can stock up on them before your next cookout… Gummy Hot Dogs: $7.50 – Gummy Burgers: $7.50 Gummy Burgers: $5.99 Gummy Hot Dogs: $6.75 – Gummy Burgers: $6.75 Gummy Hot Dogs: $7.59 – Gummy Burgers: $8.99

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