I Vant to Get a Good Price on Wax Fangs!

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Hey, everyone. I have some exciting news to share. HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!! OK, you probably knew, but in case you needed a little reminder, here it is. Halloween will be here oh-so-soon, and this lady is getting more ready by the day. The outside and inside of the house are decorated, a party invite or two has rolled in, and I’ve spent more time at my local Halloween store just taking in all the ooky, spooky wonderfulness than is probably normal. But when your favorite holiday comes around, that’s what you do, right? You hang a skeleton from the front door, put Monster Mash on repeat, and spend hours thinking of so many amazing costume ideas that choosing just one seems silly. Can I dress up every day in October, please? On a scale of 1-10, how weird would that be?

Needless to say, my Halloween preparations have also included stocking up on enough Halloween candy for my dentist to send me for an intervention. And of all the things I’ve purchased so far, I’m most looking forward to breaking out the Wax Fangs. Since these are most fun for when there’s lots of people wearing them, I’m saving them as a hostess gift of sorts for a Halloween party. And speaking of saving, here’s some places you can you can score some of your own for a price you can sink your teeth into!

Wax Fangs in Boxes of 24

Wax Fangs at CandyConceptsInc.com – $26.38
Wax Fangs at TweesCandyShop.com – $25.00
Wax Fangs at BlairCandy.com – $24.00
Wax Fangs at NostalgicCandy.com – $26.00
Wax Fangs at FavoriteRetroCandy.com – $22.99
Wax Fangs at BestPriceCandy.com – $26.00

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