I’m Thinking Spring Candy Thoughts

Albanese Mini Gummy Butterflies

Image courtesy of AlbaneseConfectionery.com

Ya know, we got a few nice days in. The sun was shining, a heavy wool coat was optional, and I didn’t even have to ask myself before I stepped outside whether I should bring gloves. Spring sprung, birds chirped, children even played in the park. It was wonderful! And then winter decided it wasn’t going to leave quite so easily, and we’re back to shivering away the day.

But I’m not going to let it defeat me. I still get my longer days, and spring almost certainly has to warm up eventually, right? Gosh, I hope so! And no matter how completely over this winter I may be, I’ll still take sweater and coat weather over the oppressive ‘How is it even possible to be this hot and humid?’ dog days of summer. If it were around 65 degrees every day, I’d be about as happy a camper as you’ve ever seen hike a trail!

Since I don’t have control over the weather itself, and since spring really has arrived whether it feels like it or not, I am doing the ‘spring thing’ to the fullest. I’m wearing my brightest warm clothes, I’ve started spring cleaning, and I’ve even placed an order or two for some spring candy. What qualifies as spring candy, you might be asking? Among many other things, mini gummy butterflies!

I’m not sure if more than one company makes delicious gummy butterflies, but I do know the kind Albanese creates are super good! With a pretty translucence and a perfectly sweet fruity taste, these are about as springtastic as it gets. And here’s where you can get some of your own…

5 lb. bags of Mini Gummy Butterflies

AlbaneseConfectionery.com – $9.99 (on sale!)
BlairCandy.com – $13.95
RoyalCandyCompany.com – $12.95
SweetFactory.com – $17.00
CandyWarehouse.com – $19.50
Candy.com – $14.95 (on sale!)
GroovyCandies.com – $17.95

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