Nothing Says ‘Cold Weather is Here’ With as Much Flavor as Peach Penguins!

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Hello, everyone! I hope you all had the happiest of Halloweens, and are gearing up for an even greater Thanksgiving! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the things I’m grateful for, and I’m happy to report that the list is very long. Among the things I’m grateful for is this here little blog. It has given me a place to share in my love of all things sweet, and I’m extra grateful to anyone who takes a few minutes out of their busy day to read my candy chatter. If it’s true that we are what we eat, you guys really are the sweetest audience a lady could hope for!

Another thing I’m grateful for is the Internet and the countless wonderful impacts it has made on our world. Not only is it necessary for this blog and an opportunity to meet all of you, but it has helped us all take better charge of our lives in myriad ways. Without delving too far into the really serious stuff, the Internet has helped with one of life’s greatest pleasures – scoring a great deal!

Whether I’m shopping for a new pair of winter gloves, or a bulk box of lollipops, the Internet lets me search high and low for exactly what I’m looking for at the best price I can find. It also gives me greater insight into the companies I’m supporting with my hard-earned cash, and has opened my eyes to new and wonderful sweets that might not have ever made their way to my neck of the woods. Surely, the Internet has fueled much greater and more important things than candy comparison shopping, but I don’t see any harm in appreciating its wonders both big and small!

And with that in mind, I present the latest edition of ‘Mouthwatering Prices’ – a list of places online that you can find the candy du jour. On the menu today – e.frutti Gummy Peach Penguins!

I love gummy peach penguins year-round, but these cute and fruity little fellas are especially fun for the colder months. Here are some places you can ‘march’ to get some for yourself!

e.frutti Peach Penguins in a 2.2 pound bag – $8.50 – $8.99 – $7.95 – $8.99 – $10.45

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