Puffing Away on Perfect Prices for Candy Cigarettes!

Thank goodness candy cigarettes aren’t as dangerous as the real thing, because if I’m not paying attention to my intake, I could easily have a four-pack-a-day habit on my hands! Those solid little sticks of sweet delight may no longer bear the pinkish-red tip, but they taste as good as ever. What is that flavor, exactly? It reminds me of a fusion between Dainty Mints and that heavenly white stick that comes tucked alongside Fun Dip. What is that little white stick, exactly? So many questions, so little time! I guess all that matters is candy cigarettes are delicious, the Fun Dip stick is delicious, and they’re both available to light up our lives and tickle our taste buds!

But just like the prices on real cigarettes, the prices on candy cigarettes have climbed over the years. Thankfully, they aren’t nearly as costly, but just as is good to do with most things, keeping an eye out for the best price can make it easier to down a pack or five without feeling the pinch. I lit up my little search fingers and sent them sailing across the internetz in search of the best prices on candy butts. But as always, let me know if you score an even sweeter deal!

ACandyStore.com – $6.99 for a box of 24

BlairCandy.com – $5.00 for a box of 24

CandyFavorites.com – $9.47 for a box of 24

GroovyCandies.com – $5.95 for a box of 24

CandyCrate.com – $6.89 for a box of 24

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