Push Pops by the Box – Push for the Best Price!

Image courtesy of OldTimeCandy.com

On a scale of 1 to Push Pop, I’m going to let you guess how much I love Push Pops! I’ll take a cherry or a blue raspberry without complaint if they’re the only ones left in the box, but in a dream world, it would be all watermelon and strawberry. Watermelon and strawberry Push Pops as far as the eye could see! Sigh. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You bet it does.

In addition to their refreshingly sweet, fruity flavor, Push Pops have quite a bit going for them…

  • For one, they are a self-contained lollipop. They have their own case, and if you don’t finish it all at once, you can slide it down for later without worry over it attracting every hair and fuzzy in sight.
  • For another, they have a clip on them. Now, before you go clipping a Push Pop to your pocket like it’s a stubby pen, you should know this is not ‘cool’ in the classic sense of the word! It is weird and funny, and that’s what makes it so awesome.
  • You can pretend they’re lipstick. Yes, I know, I am a grown woman. I have real lipstick, and I enjoy that as well. But I hope the day never comes where my first instinct after licking a Push Pop isn’t to immediately swipe it across my lips like it’s makeup! Because it’s fun and reminds me I’m still a bit of a kid, and it makes my lips taste delicious.

With all those reasons in mind, don’t you want to order up a box of your own? Now, now – don’t all ‘push’ at once! There are plenty to go around at these sweet sites…

Boxes of 24 Assorted Push Pops

Old Time Candy – $20.99
Blair Candy – $21.95
Candy Warehouse – $24.00
Bulk Candy Store – $20.50
Sweet Factory – $28.50
Candy Crate – $25.99

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