Sandal Suckers Lollipops: This Treat Isn’t for Your Feet!

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My candy affection isn’t something that I hide from my friends, family or co-workers. I’ve never been very good at keeping secrets (at least not my own), and I’m not the type to wait ‘til everyone has gone to bed to break out the chocolate or gummies. I have no shame in my candy game, and I hope you don’t either! Plus, once people know how much you love candy, they have a tendency to buy it for you for your birthday, Christmas, or even just because. See – honesty does pay off!

Because I have the best friends in the whole world, and they love to see me happy, they are inclined to pick me up a sweet they haven’t seen before if they think it’s something I might not have tried. I’m sure there is a certain satisfaction in finding it before me, the queen o’candy, has even heard about it, but I’m totally OK with them winning the ‘first’ award as long as it comes with sugary goodness for yours truly!

This past weekend, a friend stopped over for coffee and chit-chat and had an adorable lollipop in tow that she picked up for me at a local shop. Like most people, I love the simplicity and freedom of flip flops in the summer, but I’d never eaten one before. Of course, I’d never had a flip flop lollipop before, so that could be why. 😉

This wasn’t just any old flip flop shaped lollipop; it was generously sized and adorable. My friend let me know that they were called ‘Sandal Suckers’, and that the box of 24 lollipops contained an assortment of fun colors. While the fruity flavor of the lollipop I had was rather tasty, I think it’s their cool, summery look that is the star of the show. These would make a fun addition to any seasonal get-together, or as party favors or wedding favors. And – here’s some places you can score some of your own!

Sandal Suckers at Blair Candy – $29.95
Sandal Suckers at Royal Candy Company – $26.15
Sandal Suckers at Candy Warehouse – $36.00
Sandal Suckers at Metro Candy – $25.50
Sandal Suckers at sweet city candy – $25.50

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