Some Sweet Places to Score SKOR Bars!

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A friend recently reminded me of a conversation we had a few years back regarding candy bars. Several of us gals treated ourselves to a weekend away and were chatting over cocktails at the hotel bar. Presumably out of nowhere – though not really, as candy is never far from my mind! – I said something along the lines of, “Why aren’t there any candy bars? Like – actual bars where instead of alcohol they have candy bars?” Nope – it wasn’t the mango martini talking! I’ve thought this was a cute idea more than once in the past. Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a social space that centered around all different types of candy bars? Somewhere you could go with friends or for a first date and order both popular and more obscure candy bars from America and around the world? I certainly think so! And if there were such a place, I think the perfect complement to all that chocolate would be coffee. Coffee shops tend to do well all on their own – can you even imagine how well they might do if they served Caramel Macchiatos and Caramellos? Oh, how I’d love to work on recommended coffee and candy pairings! But I digress. Let’s talk about SKOR bars!

It was my friend reminding me of this conversation that got me thinking about candy bars in the first place. Some of my favorites have become harder and harder to find, from SKOR bars to 5th Avenues. And while they may have never been as popular as Snickers or Milky Way, many of them had quite a few fans in my circle of friends alone, and I’ve certainly seen others buying them at supermarkets and such! Thinking about SKOR bars in particular really struck a craving chord, and I found myself scouring the shelves at several local stores only to come up empty-handed. Luckily, my Internet search proved a whole lot sweeter. If you love SKOR bars as much as I do and want to stock up, here’s some places online to grab a box of 18…

SKOR Candy Bars at – $18.00
SKOR Candy Bars at – $29.74
SKOR Candy Bars at – $19.95
SKOR Candy Bars at – $19.99
SKOR Candy Bars at – $18.99

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