Wrangle Up a Good Price on Nerds Ropes!

Nerds Rope

Image courtesy of TemptationCandy.com

Looking at everything from the packaging to the candy itself, I can pretty clearly see that Nerds Ropes were not designed to target a more…shall we say…’mature’ audience. Nerds Ropes are kid candy at its colorful best – literally a candy-on-top-of-candy-concoction, because two candies are so much better than one. And you know what? I really don’t care if I’m not their target market. I understand that most people my age probably aren’t downing Rope and Rope. But I looooove them. I may even love them more than Nerds themselves, and I love Nerds plenty!

Like so many favorites before them, my feelings toward the Nerds Rope fell into the immediate infatuation category. One day I’d never had them before, and the next I was eating more than my dentist would want to know about. In time, I learned that just maybe a 2 Ropes a day habit wasn’t healthy. But I think it’s safe to say that a month never goes by without at least Rope. What can I say – I’m caught up in them! I even opt for the ‘kid pack’ at the local movie theater because it comes with the perfect amount of popcorn, a small drink and a pack of candy. That pack of candy was Sour Patch Kids for many years, and while I like those a lot as well, I am able to resist them. Well, the candy portion has been replaced with a Nerds Rope, so even if I arrive at the theater immediately after dinner, you know I’m ordering a kids pack. I have to. I really can’t not.

If you love Nerds Ropes as well, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, here are some shops online where you can pick up a box of 24…

Nerds Ropes at TheOnlineCandyShop.com – $18.72

Nerds Ropes at CandyWarehouse.com – $30.00

Nerds Ropes at BlairCandy.com – $20.95

Nerds Ropes at TheWholesaleCandyShop.com – $18.15

Nerds Ropes at TemptationCandy.com – $23.00

Nerds Ropes at EconomyCandy.com – $19.20

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