90 Million Chocolate Easter Bunnies? Yes, Please.

I can’t help but think of how pleasantly precious the months of March and April are. They’re months of life, months of beauty, months full of birthdays, months full of … the births of 90 MILLION CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNIES!! Mhmm… so cute and so delicious!

I always thought Valentine’s Day was the biggest month in candy sales, until I found on infoplease.com that Easter candy sales surpass Valentine candy sales by almost $900 million. That’s a whole lotta Peeps. With all of these little baby yellow, pink, & lavender Marshmallow Peeps roaming around, I should have known! And I betcha’ ya didn’t know this one – If you line up all of the Jelly Bellies, Starburst & Smucker’s Jelly Beans that will be produced  this year, you’ll have enough to cruise around the globe not once, but THREE times!

I have to say – the Chocolate Easter Rabbit will always be the tastiest & most powerful Easter candy, towering over the other Easter treats in the basket. Remember those 26 inch high, 6 pound bunnies that you had to crack open with a hammer!?  And looking further on the site, the majority of you American lads & lassies believe Chocolate Bunnies should be eaten EARS FIRST?! As if! I start with the feet first, so I know Mr. Peter Cottontail has no way to run away from me. Then I continue with the ears, sinking my teeth into the luscious milk chocolate “amazingness,” and I finally end with the tail…err, I think we can change the subject now.

I cannot WAIT to adopt my Chocolate Easter bunny. Maybe I’ll adopt twins… or quadruplets 😉 Heck – throw in the bunnies, 200 Peeps, and a whole lot of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, and I can start my own Easter farm!

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