A 3D Candy Me? A 3D Candy You, Too!

Image courtesy of PopPhoto.com

When you come across an article titled 3D Printing Can Turn You Into a Candy Sculpture you stop whatever you’re doing immediately and read it twice. Well, that’s what I did anyway. And now that I’ve read it, I want a 3D candy version of myself so badly I can practically taste it! Errr… taste me? I’m not sure, I just know I want one!

The article first explains the difference between Valentine’s Day celebrations and White Day celebrations in Japan. Prior to reading this article, I didn’t even know White Day existed, so I was excited to learn about that as well. In Japanese culture, Valentine’s Day is a time for women to gift their boyfriends with chocolates and other presents. One month later White Day is distinguished by the gents gifting the ladies. This year, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, FabCafe hosted a workshop where women could scan their faces to make “a 3D silicone mold suitable for pouring chocolate in.” Yup – candy molds fashioned after their own beautiful faces. Genius! (Note: FabCafe sounds like one of the most fun and creative places I’ve ever heard about, so if I ever find myself in Japan, I’m definitely going to do my best to go there!)

When White Day rolled around a month later, FabCafe shifted their focus from chocolate to gummies, opening the door for 9 guys to “get a full 3D scan of their body”, which would be “printed out as an edible gummy.” A gummy! I love gummies! I also love chocolate, so I’d be happy with either. Or, ya know… both. Of course, all of this simply begs the question – if you were to be 3D printed into gummy form, what flavor would you be?

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