Colorado Black Bear Has a Sweet Tooth and a Soft Step!

While there is certainly nothing cute or funny about the effects the dry summer is having in many parts of the country, I think it’s necessary to look for a little levity in almost any situation. Case in point: the Colorado Candy Bear. Drought has dried up the berries the bears of Colorado usually feed on, leaving them searching for food about town. Some have broken into homes, some have broken into cars, and one decided he had a better idea. As for that one? He broke into a candy store. Carefully, might I add!

According to an article on – Careful bear raids Colorado candy shop – a black bear decided to treat himself to multiple sweets one July morning. While many of us might imagine he charged through the window destroying the candy shop he was raiding, that isn’t the case at all! The intelligent, resourceful bear instead pried open the front door, and without breaking a thing walked inside and found himself some breakfast. This bear breakfast included “English toffee and some chocolate-chip cookies dipped in caramel and milk chocolate called “cookie bears.” The bear took “cookie bears”! Seriously, can’t make this stuff up.

While the bear did prefer to take his treats outside to eat them, according to the surveillance video he “made seven trips in about 15 minutes.” The store owner said that there wasn’t much evidence of the intruder, aside from some dirt on the counter, paper on the ground, and of course, all that missing candy. Without even a wrapper left behind, if it weren’t for that video we may have never known what really went down. And I just can’t bear the thought of that!

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