Cynthia Rowley Branches Out Into The Candy World with CuRious

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Given that this is a candy blog we don’t tend to talk too much about handbags or home décor. But if we did, let me tell you, Ms. Cynthia Rowley’s name would come up much more often! I was nothing short of obsessed with her charming ‘Swell’ line at Target years ago, which sadly disappeared without notice. I am the proud owner of not one, but two Cynthia Rowley purses, each adorable, charming and fabulously functional. And I recently became the owner of an awesomely affordable Cynthia Rowley shower curtain in a brilliant teal shade with a retro modern design, which I scooped up for just $15 at T.J. Maxx. It just seems that whatever this lady touches turns to style gold, and she suits my tastes to a T! And that is why I am THRILLED that she has branched out into candy. Yes, CANDY!

I first read about this newish line (it apparently launched in April – where was I?!) on The Wall Street Journal site – Cynthia Rowley: From Fashion to Candy. As soon as they mentioned a promotional video my fingers danced over to YouTube where I found the Cynthia Rowley CuRious Candy video in no time. Warning: Even though it’s not real glass, watching someone bite into a glass is a bit hard to watch!

But yes, back to CuRious Candy! It seems to embrace the darker, more mysterious side of the candy world. The pictures I found when I Googled ‘Cynthia Rowley CuRious Candy’ have an Alice in Wonderland vibe about them that I simply can’t get enough of. I found the most enchanting selection of images at, particularly the shot of the walkup! It appears Cynthia has created a most magical world, and I look forward to stopping by her shop next time I’m in NYC. I’ll probably bring my oversized Cynthia Rowley bag along with me to carry my sweets sneakily through the streets!

P.S. Check out this CuRious Candy video as well for a better idea of how much Rowley has done with the beautiful building where her candy shop and more live.

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