Do You Think of Necco As ‘Old People Candy’?

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While there will always be candies that appeal more to one age group than another, and candies that have a near universal appeal for sweets-lovers ages 2 – 102 and beyond, I hadn’t really given much thought to ‘old people candy’ until I came across the following article on – A squirrel mascot named Zipper is out to pitch Necco candy lines to young consumers.

The article highlights some marketing changes that Necco has in the works following an ad agency review with the Noonan Creative Group of Framingham. Their goal is to target “a younger demographic of candy lovers” and make them aware of their full lineup of treats to eat. When most of us hear “Necco,” those lovely little wafers come to mind, but they have plenty of other classic, popular sweets under their umbrella, including Mary Janes and Clark Bars.

According to the article, Necco will be harnessing the power of a cute mascot named Zipper (Squirrel Nut Zippers, another Necco candy, spawned the name.) Zipper will be a YouTube star, starring in videos where he “destroy(s) other candies and in doing so, accidentally creates new ones.” This little fella is also going to have his own website – as every star should! – In short, the goal is to capture the attention of the media-savvy young folk, and with as much time as most of them spend online, the internet is the natural place to do just that.

While I wholeheartedly hope their new marketing avenues are a success, it did make me a little sad to think that kids aren’t already loving Necco. Sure, Necco wafers aren’t brightly packaged or decked out in comic book heroes, but I think they stand out on the candy shelf in their uniqueness and simplicity. Plus, they’re really good. I’m admittedly not a big fan of the chocolate ones, but the cinnamon, wintergreen and lemon especially more than make up for it!

What are your thoughts – do you think of Necco as ‘old people candy?’ And if so, do you think today’s youth would love them as much as many of us adults do if they were properly targeted?

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