Happy Pills – Sometimes the Best Medicine of All Doesn’t Require a Prescription!

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I’m a candy fan, you’re a candy fan, a lot of people you know are probably candy fans. Candy might not be the most nutritious food on the planet, but it doesn’t pretend to be, either. Candy is fun food at its finest – unapologetically indulgent, sweet, and often, colorful and cool. But can candy also be medicine? While it’s not too likely to be what the doctor ordered, I think it can! Sort of…

Measure Your Mood, Decide Your Dose

At the end of a long, trying day, a lot of people reach for a beer or glass of wine. Some take it out on the treadmill at the gym, while others dig into a cake or pie. We all have our own ways of making ourselves feel better when times get tough, and mine is not surprisingly eating candy.

Of course, if your mood is more than just a bit cranky because you had a rough day and you feel you may be suffering from depression, by all means you should talk about it with your doctor. But if it’s an occasional occurrence and it was something (or several things) that set you off, that’s a different story. That’s the kind of story where Happy Pills might be the best medicine!

I first read about Happy Pills on the blog panda bytes. The author was enviably roaming the streets of Barcelona when they happened upon a candy shop by the name of Happy Pills. Once inside they were encountered with some of the most clever candy container designs I’ve ever seen! As the ‘Instructions for use’ demonstrate, these bottles are to be popped open when the little annoyances of life have us just about ready to scream at the moon. Apparently there is even a ‘prescription’ aimed at helping men to wash the dishes!

I clicked through to the Happy Pills website, and was instantly in love with everything. I don’t speak Spanish so am unsure what many of the label options mean, but it appears that for some items you can opt for your favorite candy mix and affix a ‘prescription’ of your choosing. Such a wonderful gift idea, and just plain fun like candy should be!

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