Have You Heard of the Great Halloween Candy Buyback?

The idea that a dentist would take away my Halloween candy is the stuff childhood nightmares were made of. However, if I got cash or prizes for that candy, and it helped soldiers overseas share in my Halloween bounty? Yeah, that might have loosened my grip on the bag at least a little. And that is the premise exactly of Halloween Candy Buyback – a program that allows dentists to participate in ‘buying back’ candy from Trick-or-Treaters and sending the stash of sweets to OPERATION GRATITUDE/ CA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD for shipment to soldiers. How amazing is it that kids can share in their haul with those who can’t be home to celebrate Halloween? So amazing!

I love everything about this program, and think it would be especially fulfilling for a child to know they’re bringing joy to a soldier. It’s easy to forget that as kids we rarely had any money at all. Programs like this allow kids to give a wonderful gift without needing cash – to share something that’s possibly even more valuable!

The Halloween Candy Buyback web site makes it easy to search for participating dentists in your area. And if you don’t find one, why not call around? Chances are good that many dentists would love to participate but simply aren’t aware of the program! Even if you aren’t a dentist you can organize a candy collection. Consider banding together with neighbors, a book group, a Church group or coworkers. Just remember not to eat the candy you collect, no matter how much you ‘paid’ for it! 🙂

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