Live in NYC, or Planning a Visit? Good Luck on Hailing the Candy Cab!

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I’m warning you before you read any further: I came across an article today that made me cry. And I’m going to write about what I read in that article. Because what I read was a story about an awesome man who drives a cab in New York City – an awesome man who loves to make people happy and has a knack for doing it often – an awesome man who suffered a devastating loss that has not broken his spirit, rather left him an even more giving awesome man. It’s not the awesomeness that made me cry, of course. It’s that devastating loss. So if you can’t handle that part of the story, I understand.

If you’re still reading, the article I’m referencing is, This Cabbie Is Giving Out Free Candy. Will You Take It?  And to answer the folks at, I would absolutely take it! I would take it and eat it and if the cabbie would let me, I’d hug him and thank him and hug him again. And then I’d eat another piece. That’s how I roll.

So why exactly is this man, Monsoor Khalid, offering free candy to all who enter his cab, keeping his back window stockpiled with all manner of spectacular treats? He’s doing this because he “was inspired to dish out the sweets after his two-year-old son passed away from heart disease. When Khalid’s son was in the hospital, he would bring the overnight nurses coffee and desserts, and saw how happy it made them.” I know – it’s one of the most heartbreaking, heartwarming sentences I’ve ever read, too. This man should teach classes on how to be an amazing person and find a joyful mission in one of the darkest places one could ever be. I think it’s wonderful that he’s offering candy to strangers, bringing smiles and enjoying some smiles of his own in reaction to theirs. But I think it’s even more wonderful that he’s giving his passengers something way sweeter than candy – a warm gesture, an unexpected surprise, a reminder that sometimes you find something worth savoring in the least expected places.

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