Mike and Ike: OVER!

“They” say only 50% of marriages actually work out, but who knew this extended to candy pairings, too?! It seems that our dear Mike & Ike just won’t be celebrating their 73rd anniversary as our favorite chewy fruity candies – they’ve SPLIT UP!

After 72 years of sharing the outside of that fun green box, the New York Times reports that Mike & Ike have gone their separate ways, and all new boxes will have either “Mike” or “Ike” scratched out on the front. The company, Just Born, is promoting the break-up primarily through social media, where you can get a whiff of Mike & Ike’s now-individual sparkling personalities on their Facebook Page, and even Submit Your Reaction on their Tumblr for a chance to win some pretty awesome prizes.

Check out the Mike and Ike Tumblr!

The million dollar question is – who are these two, now that they’re not together anymore?! I got the fruity scoop, of course!

Mike: Mike is our resident rock star. He likes to listen to his music loud, and play it even louder. You know, like one of the spiked hair, black jean wearing kind of dudes that you see pouring out of the rock clubs? You’ll probs catch him at some rock fests this summer screaming out some lyrics, and if you’re lucky, maybe he’ll throw a guitar pick your way. A girl can dream, after all!

Ike: Ike’s feeling a whole lot freer these days without Mike blasting his rock music all day every day, and he’s expressing it by focusing on art. He’s into all things art hip (yeah, skinny jeans and coffee shops), likes attending indie and art house film premiers, and has a flair for color and design. A delicious cutie like this, plus he has a brain?! Oh, perfection exists.

So who’s my favorite? That’s for me to know, and my tastebuds to find out! I’m still reeling from hearing news of the break-up, but hey, maybe time will heal all wounds. In the meantime, who says a single gal like me can’t try both?

Tell us who holds the key to your tastebuds – Mike or Ike?

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