Retro Candy Wrappers Provide a Taste of the Past

There are certain vintage candy wrappers whose image is forever cemented in my mind. In fact, some of these are so concretely stored that even though I’ve seen several incarnations since, none look quite as ‘right’ as the packaging they were in when I first discovered them, or loved them most. There are also many candy wrappers that I’ve never seen myself in person, with them having pre-dated my birth, or perhaps having simply escaped the forefront of my memory, replaced by more something more recent.

So today, I set out on a Google Images search to see what I could drum up! To say there are plenty of vintage candy wrappers to peruse is an understatement. There…are…many! And below are some of my personal favorites. Do you remember when the wrappers below were still in production? What are some of your favorite candy wrappers of the past and present?


Peanut M&Ms

Image courtesy of

5th Avenue Candy Bar Wrapper

Image courtesy of

Lik-m-aid Fun Dip Wrapper

Image courtesy of

Vintage Skittles Wrapper

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80s Nerds Boxes

Image courtesy of Gregg Koenig –

Bottle Caps Candy Wrapper

Image courtesy of Brandon –

Chiclets Tiny Size

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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