Sweet and Sassy Peeps: Looking Fabulous at 60!

Image courtesy of MarshmallowPeeps.com

While Peeps are typically busy making people happy throughout the Easter season, this year they’re also busy making news! Run a quick Google search of ‘Peeps 60’ and you’ll see article after article highlighting this candy favorite, hailing from Bethlehem, PA. Why are you searching ‘Peeps 60’, exactly? Because Peeps are turning 60 this year, and golly gosh, they’ve never looked better!

The first article I happened upon was at ToledoBlade.com – Peeps candy still popular 60 years after hatching. Popular, I thought? That’s an understatement! Walking through the candy section of my local big box store last week, I didn’t see too many people pass by the Peeps without tossing at least a pack or two into their carts. People shopping alone bought them, people shopping with children bought them, children themselves reached and grabbed the seasonal, sugary snack from the shelf with their hungry little hands. And when something so tasty is also so affordable, it’s no wonder they continue to be one of the top Easter candies year after year!

I’m wishing Peeps another sweet 60 years, and 60 after that, and 60 after that, and… You get the picture! I can’t imagine the time will come when their soft, ooey-gooey goodness doesn’t make people reach for a pack, unless there’s a marshmallow shortage on the horizon (Please don’t let there be, candy gods. Please.)

Also, be sure to check out the new Peeps commercial! I’ve only caught it on TV a few times, but it makes me smile from start to finish.

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope the big bunny treats you right. 🙂

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