Unwrap Your Way to Colorful, Fun Jewelry!

Starburst Wrapper Bracelet TutorialAs someone who tries to live a reasonably environmentally-friendly life, I am more aware than many of the countless areas in which I create unnecessary waste. I kick myself every time I stop by Starbucks without my reusable cup, and I cringe when I wake up in the morning to discover I left the television on all night. I know I’m not alone in my eco-mistakes, but I do feel it’s important that I regularly remind myself that I can and will continue to do better by this planet. And if I have to open my Starburst more carefully next time to do just that, so be it! (Say what?)

Yep – I found a way to make enjoying Starburst a little less guilt-ridden. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t feel guilty eating them! As I’ve mentioned before, I think assigning guilt to food decisions is a very slippery slope. But I do feel bad about how much waste is generated from even one pack of Starburst and other individually wrapped candies. I remain hopeful that someday they’ll be available unwrapped inside the bag (though they might stick together), but in the meantime, I’ll be using those colorful wrappers to make cute bracelets for me and my friends. Yep – Starburst wrapper bracelets! (Thanks, internet!)

I don’t even remember how I came across this How To Make a Starburst Bracelet video on YouTube, but I’m super glad that I did. Not only does this fun project leave you with some unique new jewelry, but it’s something you can do with the kiddos that looks really relaxing. Yay for upcycling!

PS. Here’s another Starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial if the first video leaves you a bit confused. I felt more confident that I knew what to do after watching both!

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