Would You Wait 60 Years for a Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll?

Image courtesy of PearsonsCandy.com

While someone not getting what they reasonably expected from a company is typically not smile-inducing, in this case it resulted in a charming story with a sweet and happy ending. After reading 2 articles about the story – here at the Huffington Post, and here at MyFoxTwinCities – I had to share with you all just in case you weren’t luck enough to come across it!

The tale is one of a boy that loves candy, who grew up to be an adult that loves candy. It’s easy enough to see why I could relate immediately! Well, this once-boy-now-a-man’s name is Dave Bell. His favorite candy as a kid was Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls, and at the current age of 74, that hasn’t changed! When he was 14-years old – 60 years ago! – he bit into his Salted Nut Roll expecting things to go as they always had. However, this candy in particular had a bit of a problem – there was something inside that didn’t belong.

The industrious young man wrote a letter to the company, sending that ‘something inside’ along as well for their inspection. While he expected he would receive a replacement bar, what he got instead was a letter mentioning that the unexpected ingredient was likely a twig from their peanut vine. A response letter was definitely better than nothing, but Dave wanted the tasty Nut Roll he deserved!

Fast-forward to 2012. While moving to a new house, Bell comes across his letter from Pearson’s. 60 years may have passed since he received it, but what didn’t pass is his desire for some of the sweet stuff! Embracing a more modern approach, Bell gives it another shot via email. And guess what? Perseverance paid off. He may have had to wait 6 decades, but Pearson’s sent 5 Mint Patties, a Vanilla Bun, a Caramel Bun, a Nut Goodie and a Salted Nut Roll his way! Another box of Nut Rolls was subsequently sent so Bell would have enough to share, and in that box was included a 5-pound version just for him. Pretty sweet!

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