Candy Corn Goes Back to the Cob!

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Summer flew by faster than ever this year, and I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the days ending so soon and the chill that creeps in at night. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was standing as physically close to the air conditioner as possible, wishing the roads were a lazy river and I could hop on a tube to get around instead of jumping in a car. OK, to be fair, that lazy river fantasy is one I’ve had for years throughout all seasons, but I digress! Fall is just around the corner, and as much as I love summer, I love fall even more. And I especially love fall’s coolest, ghoul-est holiday – Halloween!

I’ve adored Halloween as long as I can remember, and not just because of the candy. I love the decorations, the costumes, the excitement with which many adults greet trick-or-treaters and seem to enjoy themselves just as much as the kids. It’s the one night that I don’t mind how early it gets dark as it adds to the ambiance of an evening that isn’t really scary or spooky, but definitely has an air of something. I love seeing the little princesses, ghosts, football players, pop stars, and entirely unique costumes shuffle down the street in groups of giddy, sugar-fueled fun. I love answering the door knowing that on the other side is a smiling, adorable bunch of youngsters with bursting bags of treats and songs to sing. I mean, really – does it get any cuter than that?!

And, of course, while it is far from everything I love, I DO love the candy! While it’s as controversial a candy as they come – a love-it-or-hate-it sort of candy – I am very much a supporter of candy corn. I love the texture, the shape, the honey-ish flavor. I love the way it looks in the candy bowl, and the way it shines in my hand before I pop a few pieces into my mouth. I love that it tastes the same as it always has, and it’s cheap enough that you don’t even have to wait for a sale to stock up. And this year I’ll be stocking up not only to snack with wild abandon, but also to try my hand at a cool Halloween project I came across for making Candy Corn on the Cob!

The recipe for this delicious, amazingly cool project is as simple as they come. All you’ll need is candy corn and sugar cookie dough. And – naturally – some degree of precision! The creator of the recipe, alaskantomboy, put a lot of thought into what material would work best as the cob base, and while she lists other options to consider, I think I’ll be trying mine with the cookie dough as well. How about you? Would you try your candy corn on the cob with cookie dough, chocolate, caramel, marzipan, icing, or something else entirely?

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