DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches!

DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches

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The majority of the year, I am not what would be considered an ‘ice cream person.’ Don’t get me wrong – I like ice cream! But I don’t buy it every time I go to the store, keep it on-hand at all times, or count it as my favorite dessert. I’m more of a cupcakes and candy kinda gal for the most part. However, when I do have an ice cream craving, nothing else but the real deal will quench it. I don’t want a Frosty from Wendy’s, I don’t want a milkshake, and I don’t want frozen yogurt. I want ICE CREAM. And if it’s sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, even better!

When the ice cream craving comes knockin’, as it is known to do much more often during the summer months, I usually opt for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches I hinted at above. However, today as I was poking around Pinterest, I discovered something so simple that I’m a little shocked I never thought of it before – I could be making my own cookie ice cream sandwiches! And let me tell you, there is countless inspiration on the internet for how to do just that. And it’s all so easy that it just makes me want to scream. For ice cream, that is.

Pick a Size, Any Size!

The flexibility of size is what has me most excited. Trying to cut back a bit on sweets, or just want a little something after dinner? Make miniature cookie ice cream sandwiches! Or perhaps it’s not little you’re after at all, and you want a giant ice cream sandwich that eats like a meal? I think you know what to do here – bake up some giant cookies and add some ice cream between two of them. Push them together, and voila!

Tricks and Tips

If you want your ice cream sandwiches to be delicious and attractive, I came across multiple sites offering the same tip on getting the ice cream center neat and even. Holding a pint of ice cream (whatever flavor you wish!) steady with one hand, carefully cut right through the carton with a sharp knife (see image for details). Once you’ve created all your ice cream slices, sandwich them between two cookies and peel away the carton.

Wait… There’s More!

Want to make them even more tempting? Roll the exposed ice cream sides in your favorite candy or topping! Think chocolate chips, chopped nuts, coconut flakes, crushed candy bars, dried fruit – whatever sounds good to you. Your ice cream sandwich options are limited at the grocery store, but when you DIY your ICS you can get creative!

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