Lego Dude Valentines: They’re as Cool as They Sound

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Can you believe that Lego has been creating some of the most fun toys EVER since 1949? I couldn’t! I was doing a little research today as I was curious about how long they’ve been around, and was surprised to find it’s longer than 60 years. Having purchased Legos for many years, I can say with certainty that my personal favorites are the Legos that allow you to make whatever you can dream up. I understand the appeal of the specific Lego sets, but I love even more watching what kids can come up with themselves! But I digress.

Perhaps what had Legos on my mind today was that I recently saw a commercial for The Lego Movie. If you haven’t seen the commercial yourself, it is actually a preview of a new Lego movie set for release this February 7. Given how much I love Legos, I think I’ll volunteer to take some of the kiddos in my family to check it out. No one has to know I secretly want to see it just as much as them, or more! I think I’ll also be making some Lego-themed Valentine’s Day treats this year. To be honest, the idea never even occurred to me until I stumbled on the cutest Lego candy I ever did see at Sugar Swings!

Sugar Swings has recipes for some of the most unique creations you can imagine, and the blogger/baker/awesome lady who authors the blog has imagined up so many Lego recipes, they have their own category. As for the ones I’ll be trying my hand at for Valentine’s Day? Lego Dude Valentines, of course!

The recipe is simple enough, requiring just candy melts, a sprinkle mix with hearts, and the trickiest ingredient of all – patience! You will need to purchase a Lego ice cube tray, but I think it’s worth the investment as you can use it time and again for any occasion.

What do you all think? Are these Lego Valentine’s candies something you or your kids would love?

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