Pinterest + Cupcakes = A Marriage Made in Sweet, Frosting Heaven

We all have our go-to locations for a number of things – places that we know we can rely on to deliver time and again, without fail. When I need new flip-flops, I always go to Kohl’s. And every time they have exactly what I want. Craving Chinese food? There’s a place close to my house that has the best chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce that has ever been created. When I want a good, hearty belly laugh, I call my friend John, and when I’m feeling extra frazzled and need to create order in my mind, I always go to the same out-of-the-way car wash to clean my car. There are trees there, it’s never crowded, and cleaning my car relaxes me. All of these things work every time! And you know what also works every time when I want a new cupcake recipe, or just want to drool over pictures of cupcakes? Pinterest!

Pinterest is exactly the social media hotspot that cupcakes needed all along. Sure, an occasional cupcake recipe pops up on Twitter or Facebook. And yeah, I’ve seen some pretty tempting cupcakes on Tumblr and Instagram, too. But if you want an unstoppable array of eye-catching, unique, tempting, beautiful, and just plain awesome cupcake inspiration, save yourself some trouble and just go straight to Pinterest. Type ‘cupcakes’ in that little search bar and get ready to feel pangs of sweet desire in your belly.

While candy isn’t an absolutely essential element for a good cupcake, it certainly doesn’t hurt! And with that in mind, here are a few cupcake recipes I’ve got set aside that incorporate candy into the mix in a most marvelous way…

Rolo Cupcakes

Dirt Cupcakes

Kit Kat Cupcakes

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

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