Sweet Potatoes Recipes – As in Candy Potatoes!

I’m a little upset. I’ve been Irish my whole life, I love potatoes, and in all the years I’ve been savoring sweets, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a potato-shaped candy treat. How can that be? Shouldn’t they have been sprouting up all over my world, being the cutest thing that ever took its inspiration from a potato?! Yes. I believe they should have been. But they weren’t, and I have to get over that. The good news is, I know about them now, and just in case you didn’t, I’m telling you!

See – I got over my disappointment pretty fast. Because as long as I found out about these splendid little spuds eventually, the world isn’t against me after all! Poking around the St. Patrick’s Day Candy Recipes on Candy.About.com, I found not only 1 but 3 Irish Potato Candy recipes that look and sound spud-tastic. Which would get your taste buds doing an Irish Jig?

Recipe #1: Irish Potatoes Candy

These cool and clever cuties boast a white chocolate flavor brimming with toasted walnuts. With cinnamon, powdered sugar and vanilla extract finding its way into the mix, these are my top pick! Click the link above for the full details.

Recipe #2: Fudge Potatoes Candy

Semi-sweet chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff, and cocoa powder are the stars of this lineup, with walnuts working their way in and out, where they serve as ‘eyes’ of the rich, fudgy taters!

Recipe #3: Coconut Potatoes Candy

Loaded with sweet, shredded coconut and decadent cream cheese, these look to me to be the easiest recipe in the bunch. They also appear to be the most indulgent – though none look like anything close to a ‘light’ dessert! Which, incidentally, is just fine by me. 🙂

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