Tasty Just Got a Terrifying Twist!

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I may have mentioned this before a few times – OK, I’m sure I did – but golly gosh I sure do love Halloween! And I love all the sweet and spooky treats you can make for Halloween that are great for parties, sharing with coworkers, or enjoying with friends and family during a horror movie marathon. My imagination often outpaces my skills in the kitchen, so I’ve been digging the depths of the internet for a Halloween treat that is both impressive and possible for me to make look like the picture. These two don’t always go hand-in-hand, so when I find one, I get pretty excited! And today I found one that is adorable and do-able – and the recipe sounds awesomely appetizing as well.

There are few animals more Halloween-y than the spider, and while I don’t normally associate them with the word ‘appetizing’, Spooky Scotcheroo Spiders aren’t your average arachnid. These creepy critters are packed with peanut butter and your choice of white or semi-sweet chocolate chips. I’m a big fan of white chocolate, so I’m leaning toward that variation, but I might cut the white chocolate chips in half and add in a cup of butterscotch chips. Then again, if I do that, I might also eat all 36 of these Halloween treats myself and end up with quite the bellyache, so we’ll see!

If you want to give Spooky Scotcheroo Spiders a try, check out the recipe at the Hostess with the Mostess blog. There are tons of other spooktacular recipes and ideas as well, including everything in their Monster’s Ball Halloween Party post!

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