What Could Make a Candy Bar Even Better?

With ‘Fall Fair Season’ underway, and my appetite for truly rich desserts returning as it always does when the weather cools, I set my searches on an over-the-top recipe that would make my more health conscious friends widen their eyes, drop their jaws, and run screaming toward the elliptical. Yeah, I wanted something really indulgent; something so very bad that it was so very good. And I found it here at CDKitchen.com – Deep Fried Candy Bars.

Take a moment to let those words really sink in. Deep…Fried…Candy…Bars. Deep. Fried. Candy. Bars. Deep Fried Candy Bars. DeepFriedCandyBars! OK, are they in? Good. Cause at first I was all like, “What? Ewww, no.” And then I was all like, “Well, maybe?” And then, “Oh sweet gods of caramel, why am I just learning about these now! I’ve wasted so many years!”

The directions are actually a bit vague for my taste, and given that the candy bar to use isn’t specified, I’m not how they came up with the nutritional data. That said, I’m thinking I’ll give it a go with Snickers and see what happens. I’ve tried to think of a scenario where the result wouldn’t be delicious, and I came up blank. So even if it’s messy or ugly, I think the taste will be spot on. After all, if Snickers taste as good as they do cold, when they’re hot I’ll probably have to take a nap afterward.

Have you ever tried deep fried candy bars? If so, please share any tips you might have, from the dos and don’ts to which candy bars work best!

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