With Candy Corn Bark, Guests Will Be Begging for a Doggie Bag!

Photo courtesy of MEREDITHRAE24, http://allrecipes.com/recipe/candy-corn-bark/

Though I’m not always the biggest fan of a mint and chocolate marriage in my sweets, I am positively unable to resist peppermint bark. When Christmas time comes ‘round, you’re sure to see me approaching the register with peppermint bark in my anxious hands more than once. As for how quickly it finds its way to my mouth? That depends on how far away I’ve parked. For once the doors are securely locked (never sit in an unlocked car, friends!), I tear open that package like I’ve walked across a desert and there’s water inside.

But that’s enough about Christmas candy. Christmas will be here soon enough, and Halloween certainly has more than its fair share of treats to focus on! And heading up the throne is none other than awesomely affordable, sweeter-than-sweet candy corn. I know some people don’t understand its appeal, but I’m among its loyal army of devoted fans. That said, even I usually have lots leftover at the end of the season, likely because it’s so cheap that I can’t resist buying way more than any human being could ever eat and hope to sleep again. But this year I’ll know what to do with all that extra candy corn, because I was proactive and made a stop at one of my favorite web sites, AllRecipes.com.

With just a little looking around at the wonderful candy recipes they have to offer, I came across a most tempting recipe for Candy Corn Bark. Yep – like peppermint bark, but with candy corn! Genius. Just genius.

The recipe quotes a 10 minute prep time and 10 minute cook time, with the Candy Corn Bark being totally ready in just 50 minutes. This sounds like a perfect treat to make for Halloween parties, or to take along as your contribution to the festivities if you won’t be hosting your own this year. The ingredients list is short and affordable, and I’ll be shortening it further still by kicking the raisins to the curb. Sorry, raisins. But you know where I stand!

What do you think of this cool, Halloween candy recipe? Do you think I’m ‘barking’ up the right tree with this one?

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