Swooning Over Satellite Wafers

You’ll probably hear me say something is my favorite candy more than once, and you may get to thinking, “How can this be her favorite candy when something totally different was her favorite candy last week?!” But before you go thinking I’m a big ol’ liar, let me explain…I can’t pick one favorite. I really, simply, super duper can’t. I can pick candies I like and candies I love, and I can put together a list of favorites, but to decide on one is betraying some part of me every time. That said, satellite wafers are my favorite candy. For reals. And yes, I just said I can’t pick a favorite, but at this moment in time – the only moment that can reallllly matter – satellite wafers have top billing. And this isn’t their first time with the blue ribbon, oh no! Even if I change my mind tomorrow, satellite wafers are still among the Top 5 of all time, and they always will be.

Satellite Wafers, courtesy of Amazon.com

Speaking of satellite wafers, when I was a sassy little lassy we called them flying saucers. Did you call them flying saucers, too? Sometimes I still do, just to mix things up a bit. Just like some people have a dozen different ways to eat a Reese’s, I have at least as many ways to eat satellite wafers. Sometimes I let them dissolve on my tongue, sometimes I tear off a bit of the top and eat the beads first, sometimes I shake them like tiny maracas and crack myself right up! But no matter how I eat them, I eat them in scarily large quantities. I don’t even try to stop myself – I’m not about to get in my way! If you love satellite wafers as much as I do – or really even like, 34% as much as I do – here’s some good places to score them at a sweet price.

  • At a candy store that charges by weight. Most candy stores are smart enough to exclude satellite wafers from the bulk ‘by weight’ lineup, but at some stores they slip through the candy cracks. If you find one of these stores, STOCK UP! Sure, the cashier will give you the side eye for cheating the system, but that is none of your concern. Satellite wafers weigh almost nothing, so you can walk away with a huge bag (box, carload, trailer?) for a tiny bit of cash!
  • Like the kind with the sour powder? I’m more of a nonpareil girl myself, but ORyans.com has the sour saucers in a 240-count box for $14.49. The nonpareil (candy beads) are 50 cents more.
  • BlairCandy.com has the candy balls and the sour powder Satellite Wafers for $15.60, and a bunch of other nummy nostalgic candy you might wanna take a peek at.
  • Amazon.com has an awesome deal on (2) 240-count boxes of Satellite Wafers right now – $26.31, and it ships free with Super Saver Shipping. That’s 480 satellite wafers for those of you that are counting. Four. Hundred. Eighty.

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